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Follow these 6 simple steps to make paper stickers easily

Paper stickers can help us in a lot of ways, like the promotion of the brand or for sending gifts to our loved ones. Learn easy steps to make these on your own.

All of us are fully aware of the paper stickers as these are used on a regular basis in our lives. You don’t have to go to the market every time to buy new stickers for you as now there are options to make them on your own while sitting in your homes. Different techniques and steps must be followed, and then you will be able to make your own custom paper stickers that can be used anywhere you want.
The following lines of the article are about these steps that would help you to make the stickers at home using six simple steps.

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1.     Choose a Design

The first step is to choose a design for your stickers. There are different ways of doing this. If you have enough artistic skills, you can draw illustrations of your choice. Another option is to cut down the shapes and designs from magazines, journals, and coloring books. Even if the design is colorless, you can fill in the colors of your choice to make them attractive. The design can be selected according to the purpose you want to get from these items. If you want them for a birthday party, you can draw a cake, or you can mention the age of the person. If you want to use them for promotional purposes, you can print the name and symbol using a printer.

2.     Cut into the Desired Shape

After the designing part, you need to cut the paper into the desired shapes. It can be customized or personalized into any shape or size. Personalized shapes always create a more influential impact on the person who is on the receiving end. The vinyl paper for stickers can be modified into different sizes and shapes easily, and these are suggested for you whenever you plan to make your own stickers at home.

vinyl paper for stickers

3.     Apply packing Tape

The next step in the making of printed paper stickers is to put the designed material on the table and bring in the packing tape. Now you have to slowly put it on the design, but remember to take care of a few things. The tape should be applied perfectly in the very first attempt. If you take it on and off for adjustments, you might observe that it is damaged. Also, there should be no bubbles or air spaces while you apply the packing tape. It should be properly applied to the whole of the design, and no part should be left unattended. A pro tip is to use a double-sided tape that is adhesive from both sides.

4.     Slow Rubbing

Once you are done with applying the packing tape on the design, now is the time to do a little rubbing on the front. Make sure there is no vigorous rubbing as it can affect the outlook. Rubbing can be done with your fingernails or a coin. The aim is to ensure binding of the tape with the paper. If enough attention is not given to the pressing part, you might not come up with the required results. So, make sure you press the tape enough that it gets stacked to the design material properly.

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5.     Apply Warm Water

It might sound odd, but bringing the under-processing stickers under warm water can certainly help you in a significant manner. Keep the front side under the water that is the side having the packing tape. Continue it for some time until the paper starts falling apart. You don’t need to worry as the design or illustrations would not get affected because the tape does not allow any water to seep through. Make sure that whole of the surface is wet, and there is no dry part left. After passing through the warm water, the paper should automatically go away. If it is still in contact with the other part, you can pour some more warm water. Another idea is to place the sticker in a bowl of warm water and take it out after some time.

6.     Drying is the Key

Once you are done with dissolving the paper using warm water, now you should let it dry for some time. Once the moisture goes away, you will notice that the sticking powers of the tape are coming back, and the design you selected is printed on the tape. There is no need to use the whole of the sample in the desired place. In fact, take out scissors and cut down the extra, needless part of the tape. Your paper made stickers are ready, and you can paste them anywhere you want.

paper stickers printing

There are different methods that can be adopted for making stickers using easy steps, but we have presented the most convenient and cost-effective approach that would allow you to get high-quality results. Have a look at the above-mentioned steps and apply knowledge of Paper Stickers Printing to get the required items for you.

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