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Free astrology predictions are a way to focus on your life & Free online astrology consultation remove every hurdle with best remedies.

Vedic astrology, an ancient subject from the time of the Vedas and Upanishads, has come a long way to arrive and transform into the current version. In ancient times, people calculated the movements of planets and stars by hand, by hand, to predict future events. It was a long process and the chances of error were very high.

But today we seasoned free online astrology consultation are armed with modern computers and accurate astrological software that allows us to instantly calculate very small calculations, leaving no chance of miscalculation with free astrology predictions.

Benefits of today astrology:

Today astrology, a detailed human schedule can be generated with a few keystrokes on our desktop or laptop. The workload of the best astrologer in India has been significantly reduced and it is helpful for us to spend enough time and focus more on the predictive part of a person's astrology horoscope.

Various types of important structural diagrams also become very helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of various important issues in a person's life. For an honest astrologer, a very important tool to interpret an event in a person's life, continuing and approaching the Dashin period by online astrology.

Effects of dasha in Free astrology consultation:

The Dasha period is divided into five parts, namely:

  • main period (Mahadasha)
  • subperiod (Antar Dasha)
  • subperiod (Pratyantar Dasha)
  • Sukshma Dasha
  • Prana Dasha

The first three phases of Dasha are available in any astrological services. Advanced astrological software provides all five phases of the Dasha sequence, helping free astrology consultation see a very small amount of time to draw conclusions about anything important in life.

If someone does not know the exact date and time of birth, making a question table can give satisfactory answers to that person's questions is very difficult based on Indian astrology by date of birth. To start any economic activity or start building a house, it is very important to choose the right "muhurat".

Advantages of astrology by date of birth:

Online astrology consultation helps to accurately choose the right time for any important work. For every occasion in our life, there are special "Muhurats" like

  • Naamkaran (naming ceremony),
  • Annaprasan (ceremony of the first rice meal),
  • free online astrology consultation for career
  • Upanayana (thread ceremony for Brahmins),
  • Engagement ceremony,
  • Wedding,
  • Stone laying ceremony,
  • business start,
  • car purchase, and many other important events.

The other most important section of astrology in Hindi is devoted to healing measures. There are several remedies that are widely recommended by top astrologer in India to circumvent, reduce, or lessen the negative effects of any particular planet or current Dasha period.

Puja, Daan, chanting of mantras, use of stones or rudraksha, worship of yantras, and many other types of medicines that are useful and time-tested to give convincing results to a person suffering from an unfavorable situation in personal, professional life. To get more advice from free astrology services visit or Call Us @ +91-9776190123.

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