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General Questions About Bedding

Some General Questions About Bedding You Must Know About because every one of us spends a minimum of 8 Hrs per day on bed. You must know about where you give this much time. 

Some General Questions About Bedding You Must Know About because every one of us spends a minimum of 8 Hrs per day on bed. You must know about where you give this much time. 
What is Comforter?
When it comes to bedding comforter means a quilt which keeps us warm. It is a bedding accessory used in the winter season because it comes under warm bedding. It can be simple or designer sometimes used as a piece of decoration because it gives a decorative effect on our bed. Available in almost every color in the market!

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What is pillow sham?
Pillow Sham is a decorative accessory in bedding. Pillowcase and pillow sham both perform same work of covering pillow but cases are more functional then shams and shams are tended to be decorative. They are designed as they cover pillow but also give designer look. Along with designs over their surface, they give a touch of softness because we keep it in front as they are a piece of decoration or if we keep them in front everyone will use them.

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What is the top sheet?
Nothing to get confused about the top sheet. The top sheet and flat sheet both are the same things. In our language, we call one thing by many names. It is like an extra layer on the bed for comfort, we also have some other uses of a top sheet. We use it on the bed over mattress sometimes over fitted sheet. It Hangs down rather than having elastic on its edge to get fit with the mattress. There is a big discussion is trending over social media in America that is Flat Sheet Vs Fitted Sheet you must read that. 

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What is a dust ruffle?
You can call dust ruffle as a bedding frill or a bed skirt or a petty skirt. It is a decorative accessory for a bed which hangs down from bed mattress to floor. Dust ruffle often called as a bed skirt. It comes in many types Like Tailored Bed Skirt, Multi-Ruffle Bed Skirt, Wrap-around Bed Skirt, Gathered Bed Skirt. The main purpose of its use is to give an amazing look to our bed. The major purpose of this bed skirt is to prevent dirt and other foreign material to gather in the secluded place down the bed, that's why it is generally termed as a dust ruffle.

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What Does Thread Count Mean?

Thread count refers to the number of threads in one area unit of cloth. You may suppose a higher thread count means higher-quality sheets, no it’s not true; makers have tough ways of manipulating that range. Thread count simply measures to what number threads area unit in one area unit. Both the vertical and horizontal side of the sheet or fabric area unit counted up to see the thread count.

What does thread count mean is a general question which is related to bedding. After reading my blog you will never ask such kind of useless questions that what does thread count mean.

There’s a war going on thread count in sheets. People think that higher thread count means is good quality but, this is not true. Some people think this way so, sellers are selling useless bedding for their customers.

By just saying it is higher thread count sheet they are earning much more than its real price.

As much I know about bed and bedding, this is not good, whatever is going into the market. I always write rb_blog related to bedding to let people know about their bed and bedding accessories, after all, they spend their life’s quarter span on their bed.

So what the reality is behind this thread count?

Manufacturers are actually manipulating with some tricks. What they actually do is make the multiple sheets of 200 or 300 thread count one above the other, till it make a sheet of higher thread counts. It makes the sheet more heavy and crisp, un-breathable and heavy.

If you will use higher thread count than the product will be durable but that will be weighted and will not be breathable. Unlike Lower thread count will be breathable but it won’t be able to give durability.

What I suggest is, 400–600 thread count is enough good for us. It is lightweight, breathable and durable as well. One more advantage we have of it that is, light laundry. After getting wet, it will not become heavier so, it will be easy to wash them.


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