custom makeup boxes

Get noticed with glamorous makeup boxes

The makeup industry is a billion-dollar industry with a worth of $200 billion worldwide. The makeup industry is growing faster and faster each day. In a study, it was estimated that women spend almost $313 every month on their makeup. This means that they spend $3756 per year and $225,360 over a lifetime. This states how important makeup is for women. The use of makeup doesn’t only make women glamorous but makes them feel more confident about themselves and escalates their self-esteem. 

It doesn’t matter if a company is just setting its feet into the industry or if they’ve been in the makeup industry for years they all need to be very creative when it comes to packaging. Alluring and appealing packaging has always helped in attracting masses toward the product. The basic aim of packaging is to communicate to the shoppers the uniqueness of the product and why they should invest their money into it. The way makeup and skincare products are displayed to the buyers speaks volumes about the brand. Having promising packaging puts a great impression on the buyers. Every makeup brand manufactures glamorous makeup boxes to get noticed by the customers. A makeup box should have the following features if it wants to make room in the heart of the shoppers. 

The different and innovative style of the box

Any makeup brand can pack their products in a cube or square box therefore it is essential to make use of such shapes that have not been used before and are crafty and innovative. However, for a more distinct look pyramid and hexagon-shaped custom boxes are being used to pack the makeup essentials. For eye shadow, blush, and contour palette instead of flip-top boxes sliding boxes can be used. For mascaras and eyeliners instead of the conventional rectangular boxes, pyramid boxes can be used. Lipsticks, lip gloss, and nail paints can be packaged in a display box so the buyers can have an idea of the colors they are buying. 

Bold font and attractive patterns 

Having a unique and new font plays a great role in making the custom makeup boxes glamorous. It is preferred to use a bold font so it is visible to all. Having a font that no other brand uses can create a distinct identity of one’s makeup brand. The font can be matched with the makeup theme as in it can be retro, a quirky flair, or bold. Using zigzag, stripes, and abstract patterns can give one's brands a distinctive look. Colors along with the pattern play a keen role and help in making a box pop out when placed on the shelves. Eye-catching patterns along with appealing colors give a brand a confident and fresh appearance. The theme of the font, pattern, and color should be considered to the features of the product and brand’s logo. For different types, different themes should be used. 

Celeb brand ambassadors on the box 

Many Cosmetic brands have the option of introducing celebrities as their brand ambassadors, to further increase their fan base as well as sales. An influencer or a celebrity with a huge fan following would be very beneficial as they would bring an upsurge in the number of sales. You can have their faces printed onto the packaging, or their initials or a one-liner about their experience of the use of the product. Many brands have also named a certain range of their products after celebs.


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