Get the Best Way to Get Rid of Spider Veins

The pesky noticeable veins underneath your skin surface can be frustrating.

They must look like threads in a spider's web, thus the name spider veins. They mainly occur when the blood builds up into the veins pushing it back to your heart. And it can damage the veins causing them to bulge against the skin. Besides being irritating, they can make you feel embarrassed about how you look.


In researching how to get rid of spider veinsyou're in the right place. It's vital to know that you can treat them, and you do not have to live with the troublesome veins. Keep reading as we explore ways that you can use to eliminate these veins.


Spider Veins Causes

These tiny blood vessels appear to be bluish, reddish, and purplish, easily noticeable through your skin. We'll look into how to get rid of spider veins after we find out what causes them. The small blood vessels occur when your blood flows backward instead of upwards to the heart, and broken valves in your feeder's veins cause them. It puts excessive force, which damages the blood vessels causing them to weaken.


Even though the cause has not been precise, Medi Spa Los Angeles surgeons explain that they're hereditary and can worsen by age among people over thirty years old. Also, trauma, obesity, and hormone fluctuations - common in pregnant women. Besides the mentioned causes, other risk factors include; sun exposure, standing or sitting for an extended period, and medical history. These damaged veins mostly appear on several body parts, including legs, arms, thighs, face, and chest.

Treatment Options

Spider veins can cause discomfort, but by and large, they tend to be harmless. The only reason why most people wish to get rid of them, it's purely for cosmetic purposes. To learn more on how to get rid of spider veins, find below treatment options available.


Compression Stockings

These stockings will put pressure on the veins. And wearing them can help you improve your blood circulation, preventing pesky veins. It also makes the blood vessels less likely to burst, lowers the risk of blood clots in your legs while relieving swelling. The stockings come in different sizes; whether you prefer full size, above or below the knee, you can quickly get them from a pharmacy. Healthcare provider cautions that you should wear your stockings as often as possible once you buy them. It's essential to know that you can wear your socks whether you're in a trouser or a dress.



If you have adequate knowledge on how to get rid of spider veinsyou'll no longer hide them anymore. Sclerotherapy medical procedures can effectively spider veins. It involves injecting some medicine into your blood vessels to shrink them. This treatment removes the pesky vein quickly, and it's painless. It improves the appearance of the spider veins, as the injected solution causes the vein to scar. And this redirects the blood to the healthier blood veins. Some people will see visible results within a few weeks, while others take more than a month. Your doctor can advise if you'll need more treatments for optimal results.


Laser Treatment

The surgeons use this treatment for the spider veins that occur in your face. Best used for smaller veins under three millimeters. Your doctor will cover your eyes to protect them from the laser light. The intense laser light causes the blood vessels to coagulate, drying them up. Unlike sclerotherapy, laser treatment happens to be less invasive, as there's no use of injections.


Lifestyle Change

Learning more on how to get rid of spider veins will also involve some lifestyle changes. If you observe this measure, you'll stop the existing veins while preventing new ones. These include; staying mobile, regular exercise, elevating your legs, wearing sunscreen, and maintaining a healthy weight. It would be best to avoid excessive heat, especially from saunas and hot tubs, to prevent veins from swelling.


In Conclusion,  spider veins have a solution, and you do not have to be embarrassed about them. Medi Spa Los Angeles surgeons recommend that you find a board-certified plastic surgeon who has skills and experience with the aesthetic procedure. Book your consultation today to discuss your cosmetic goals, be sure to let your surgeon know of any medical condition that you may have.

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