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The Samsung television is a simple-looking tv, outfitted with full HD Display support. If you are looking for a large screen tv, the Samsung tv is a fantastic buy if you're seeking a giant-sized version.

Each year new television models are launched and announced. Many other popular television brands, Samsung, are also linking its hands together with the Make for BD campaign by designing the Smart collection of televisions. These Televisions are categorized into Smart and Non-smart televisions and are offered in 32, 43, 49, 50-inch sizes. We have a chance to inspect the 43-inch complete HD led tv priced at Taka 30,000.

Look-wise, the Samsung is quite basic, featuring a semi-slim design. This television includes a plastic build with a 43-inch display fitted within the bezel. There is not much happening in the TV's front, but the back is a little distinct. The Samsung is among the smart series of televisions, so it is designed to deliver a full-size audio performance than expected of the finest televisions. This television is outfitted with four speakers on the top along with the other two at the bottom. There's a plastic grill at the top of all four speakers.

Each of the connectivity ports is in the back, partially towards the left, making them simple to reach even if the television is wall mounted. You can choose to put the Samsung onto a table or any other flat surface with the assistance of a two-piece mini-arc stand. These are strong and sturdy enough to maintain the 43-inch television on the top. A standard television remote is also bundled, and it's full of navigation and playback buttons, which take a while to get used to.


The 43-inch Samsung smart tv features a full HD resolution. This television is powered by a quad-core processor, ensuring all programs and the Tizen OS run smoothly. The major highlight of the Smart Television is that the four channels surround sound speakers. Each station produces 8 watts of sound output, a total of 35 watts that is recommendable. Samsung has very smartly put the speakers on the four sides of the television, and this should help fill your house with music. We have analyzed the audio performance, which we've mentioned a bit later in our inspection.

For most Smart TVs, HDR is also becoming commonplace in full HD televisions. Samsung follows the tendency with all the 43-inch television. This should enhance the picture quality to make it appear more realistic and vibrant. When it comes to entertainment, there are numerous pre-installed apps to keep you amused for hours.

In terms of connectivity, the led television comes with only one USB interface. This limits you from connecting a lot of external USB devices to the tv. There are two HDMI ports. You can select to join a solid bar or a laptop through HDMI ports. Furthermore, there's a LAN port, digital audio out, and component interfaces. The Smart program enables you to connect multiple devices to the television to stream content easily. This program doubles up as a television remote control too.


Starting with its easy and intuitive interface, we decided to take a short tour of their home display. Everything from fast settings to programs was neatly organized in a tiled arrangement. Navigating through the menus is simple, thanks to its quad-core processor responsiveness. Each of the options in the preferences menu has a snippet explaining the advantages of the characteristic.

To assess the image quality, we used a drive plugged into the tv. Employing out-of-the-box picture settings, images appeared a little tacky and saturated, but they were well detailed. We had to make some nice tweaks to the contrast, sharpness, and colors while retaining the brightness and backlight to the maximum. Dark scenes and skylines in some of the nature scenes look impressive. We also played with some sample full HD clips to further check the tv's performance. The Samsung detects full HD content immediately, and the quality was excellent.

To test Samsung's claims of this speaker installment, we played with some sample MP3 tracks and discovered that the noise was relatively flat in the beginning. This made us dig through the audio settings to get it directly. Most of us see a good deal of YouTube content, and we decided to test it as well. We played music videos and movie trailers where the television has offered a loud and clear sound that was enough to fill a large area. You may need to crank the volume over 60 percent. If you have your favorite music stored on your phone, the smart app simplifies it by allowing you to stream it into your TV price.


The 43-inch Samsung television is a simple-looking tv, outfitted with full HD Display support. Its 35W speaker setup is an exceptional feature, while we have seen the rest before on other televisions. The tv is a bit pricier than other Complete HD versions. If you are looking for a large screen tv, the Samsung led tv is a fantastic buy if you're seeking a giant-sized version.



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