Get Your Home According to your Choice with Springwood Apartment

The springwood apartments are the perfect place that you can call home. This apartment is designed in such a manner that it is ready to serve all world-class facilities to its residents.

The springwood apartments are the perfect place that you can call home. This apartment is designed in such a manner that it is ready to serve all world-class facilities to its residents. Starting from the location to floor planning, everything is just perfect at springwood apartments.

Some special features of springwood apartment

  • Location

Springwood apartment is located at such a place that it is nearer to most of the shopping malls, institutions, health care centers, business hubs, IT parks, and many others. The resident of this apartment will get the best transportation experience here only. 

  • Interior design

When it comes to the consideration of designs, this apartment is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The interior design of all the housing units comprises micro hood, modular and open concept design kitchens, luxury vinyl plank flooring, shaker style cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and stainless-steel hardware. 

  • Outdoors

The outdoor planning of springwood apartment is designed with a fully environment-friendly concept. The outdoor area of each housing unit comprises of a private balcony and private patio. Apart from the outdoor area of housing units, the outdoor area of the apartment contains children, playing area, smoke-free zone, jogging track, sitting area for senior citizen, and high-speed internet connectivity. 

Amenities of springwood apartment

Springwood apartment comprises of all basic as well as some world-class amenities, that are given in details below;

  • The living area of the apartment

The living area of the springwood apartment and it’s all housing units are designed for experiencing the luxurious lifestyle. The living area comprises of all control access, CCTV access, carpet, satellite, vinyl flooring, large closets, skylight, ceiling fan, heat control, cable, and air conditioner.

  • Parking

Parking facility is the major basic amenity that an apartment should avail for its residents. In the springwood apartment, each parking lot is given to each resident, and for having an extra parking lot or garage facility, the resident has to pay $60 per month.

  • Maintenance staff

The springwood apartment has its own maintenance staff, cleaning staff for all types of cleaning activity. All the staff is very professional in their work. They take full responsibility for the cleaning of the whole apartment compound daily. When living in an apartment, you don't have to worry about leaking roof, clogged sink or broken pipe. All you have to do is call the maintenance team and they will fix the problem.

  • Unique amenities

The springwood apartment also has some unique amenities for its residents, such as laundry facility, separate smoking area, landscaped gardens, paved compound, rainwater harvesting gated community, multi-purpose hall, gym, children's playground, communal garden,  and swimming pool.

  • Safety

The springwood apartment complexes are equipped with video surveillance cameras and multiple doors, which makes it very hard for a burglar to reach your apartment.

  • Pet policies

In the current scenario, many of the apartment snot offering pet policies, whereas springwood apartment offers this special facility to its residents. With this policy, the residents having pets like dogs and cats can keep them in this apartment in exchange for some money.

The pet owners have to pay some initial expenses of $200 for dogs and cats as fees. Again, they have to pay $200 for the same as a deposit that is completely refundable. And for keeping them in the apartment, the resident has to pay $55 per month for dogs and $40 for cats.

The springwood apartments have all the world-class amenities that are described above. This is the best place that one calls home. And living in this apartment will give you a better experience of having a luxurious lifestyle. Springwood Apartments is a charming apartment in Forest Lake. The building features renovated three bedroom apartments.

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