Functional Homes with more Space & Privacy at Sobha City, Gurgaon

Functionality, well-designed, privacy & efficiency are the core factors considered while making a Sobha Home. Leaping in the new era of smart technologies, it is imperative to have a home that matches with such ingenious lifestyle. Not only your home should offer you a warm and hospitable atmosphere but also, it should speak about its practical usage, design & aesthetics.

Given such thoughts to offer more space & privacy, every Sobha Home is crafted meticulously from the house of Sobha. Sobha Limited, one of the most admired developers of India specializes in building homes, which are thoughtfully designed and executed. With a legacy of over 2 decades, Sobha has developed several architectural landmarks across the country, which are not less than a piece of art. The company has been known for building superior quality homes, which is a result of attention to minute details in systems & processes and its unique model of backward integration.

There are homes. Then there is a Sobha home.

Let’s have a look to figure out the charms of a Sobha Home exclusively designed for its residents in Sobha City, Gurgaon!  Every Sobha Home speaks of –

  1. More of Functionality - These homes have optimally sized living spaces for ease of movement and maximum space utilization for each activity. Even, the balconies are generously sized for you to enjoy the serenity of the lakelet or feel the fresh breeze coming from the Delhi Reserve Greens.

You’ll be surprised to know that the right dimension of space is given to every area of your home to ensure more usage without any loss of space. For example: The placement of kitchen, master bedroom, living room & powder room is designed in a circular fashion to offer high usability and optimal use of spaces.











(actual view of kitchen placed next to living room and powder room)

  1. Big on Privacy -  Every single apartment in Sobha City is efficiently designed to give you absolute privacy with a sense of independent living. The apartments have no common walls between them and their entrances don’t face each other. The layouts are well-designed in such a manner that the master bedroom is placed at the corner of the apartment, at a distance from the entrance to ensure more privacy. If you’ll have a glance at the masterplan of the project, you will notice that the towers are placed at an adequate distance from each other.

There is nothing bigger than enjoying the experience of private living in solace from the outside world. Hence, Sobha City offers you such exquisite lifestyle where there is an amalgamation of privacy & tranquillity!

  1. High on Efficiency – Let your smart home speak about its efficient features itself. There are only 4 apartments on each floor that provide added space for common areas. The residences are designed with a wall thickness of only 160 mm, resulting in more carpet area for each apartment.

Moreover, you can choose to stand in the functional balconies which are well-designed for better utilization of space & enjoy the spectacular views or soak in the natural light coming from French style windows, these apartments are well crafted to provide you an absolute experience of treasured living!











(an actual image depicting family lounge with large windows in Sobha Home, Sobha City, Gurgaon)

  1. Well ventilated spaces – The large windows and sliding doors in each apartment are thoughtfully placed to provide maximum ventilation. To ensure your home offers beautiful views, the living spaces are placed precisely on the external façade. Hence, either you simply sip your coffee after day work or have a conversation with your friends & family, these well ventilated spaces will make it a private affair!