Gift Ideas for Antique Lovers in your life

Antique lovers know their style. However, it is tough to guess what they exactly like. On top of that, it is hard to know what to look for. Antiques can be costly. Finding a perfect gift for antique lovers is quite a task. Knowing where to look can present another problem for the ideal antique gift. 

 Most antiquarians have a unique taste, and their homes are always perfectly curated. But that doesn’t mean you should lose all hopes and buy them a pair of socks. 

Giving a gift with a story is always so special. It’s the story that has value for the present. If you know what they like and what they gravitate towards, then you have a head start. If not, then you are in the right place. 

We have come up with seven unique antique gift ideas for your loved ones. You can add these to their exclusive vintage collection.

7 gift ideas for Antique Lovers in your life

If you have someone who loves antique pieces, then these gifting ideas are precisely what you need.

  1. Tobacco pipes 

Often made from briarwood, it takes great skill to produce quality Tobacco pipesWith so many styles and shapes available, it can be hard to understand just how many different estate pipes are. If you want to gift an antique tobacco pipe, then look for the pipes known for their quality. You can find many good antique tobacco pipes online with good quality and a brand that has a reputation over the years.

On top of that, you can add some accessories for tobacco pipesThere are a couple of essentials that you can add with a tobacco pipe. A lighter, pipe pouch, and some pipe cleaners, that’s pretty much all you need. 

  1. Retro Instant Film Camera 

There is nothing more vintage than an instant film camera. Everyone loves to capture memories, and for antique lovers, this is one of the best gifts that you can give, and this one doesn’t disappoint you. Apart from being an excellent, vintage-looking camera, it also has several features. It is a perfect mix of retro fun and the actual modern functions that a camera should have.  

  1. Vintage Turntable

The vintage turntable is another excellent mixture of past and present. You may or may not know an antique lover friend who has a legit turntable, and it just shreds up records, and also, it can be used wirelessly. Music is something that can heal your mind, relieve your temporary sorrow, and bring up a sense of security. It is a combination of vintage and fashion. Not only can you play records to experience the retro-style music and atmosphere, but you can also play all your favorite music at any time wirelessly. It creates a warm atmosphere, and even if you don’t use it, it can be one of the home’s premium decorations. As a gift, it allows the recipient to feel your heart. 

  1. Customized Wine Labels

When it comes to Wine bottles, they say “judge a book by its cover” is more accurate. It is the wine label that catches the customer’s attention. A vintage design custom label on wine bottles is another intimate gift you can give to antique lovers. You can get their names, anniversary dates, festive wishes, birthdays, or anything special printed on the label in vintage style. Customized wine labels display a lovely gesture to the receiver. It gives the receiver; the feeling of love, and it looks like you genuinely care about the person.  

  1. Retro Digital Flip Down Clock

This type of clock is legit retro, and every antique lover would love to have one of these. It is the type of clock that many people may never have seen before. It is really unique and one of the coolest things to have. It shows the time by consecutively flipping down cards with the time on them.  

  1. Luxury Vintage Keyboard

The vintage keyboard looks super cool. It follows the same look as a late 50’s typewriter, with bronze-colored outlines along with the keys. These keyboards also have a backlit, which provides a really cool contrast between the physical look and the glow it gives off in the dark. It’s a classic design and has a luxurious look, making it a perfect gift for antique lovers. It also supports every kind of computer like windows or mac, connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via USB.  

  1. Antique Jewellery boxes

For antique lovers who love to collect jewelry, this is the perfect gift that you can give. It is more rewarding to gift an antique jewelry box than a modern one. The type, age, style, rarity, craftsmanship, and story of antique jewelry boxes make them a valuable investment and a precious possession. You can find a range of luxury, high-quality antique jewelry boxes online and also, you can customize them to make them extra special. Not only antique lovers, but everyone would love to have one of these as it can be used as a premium home decoration.  


Antique fans will love these Antique Gifts! We all sometimes remember our good old days, and we know how precious those memories are for us. And by giving Antique gifts to your loved ones, maybe you can bring back some old memories in their lives. If you know someone living in the past (in the right way), these gifts can add significant value to their lives. 

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