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Google Question Hub - Amazing Tool of Google

Google Question Hub - Amazing Tool of Google Since 1998 Google is working on the requirements & search needs of people around the world. Google always surprises its user by offering amazing tools in every next update. Here, we are sharing some fun facts about the new service tool of Google. 

Google Question Hub - Amazing Tool of Google

Since 1998 Google is working on the requirements & search needs of people around the world. Google always surprises its user by offering amazing tools in every next update. Here, we are sharing some fun facts about the new service tool of Google

Google Question Hub is the new invention of Google that will help you search queries differently. This tool is designed to resolve the search disappointment factors of the users. It is a dedicated tool that provides answers to those questions that are not yet answered even by Google as well.

What is the Google Question Hub tool?

It is a unique tool of Google recently published and listed in the list of Google Services. The Google Question Hub focuses on those questions that are asked in the domestic languages of a particular country. 

The question hub tool is launched in the BETA version as of now and it is under the physical market testing stage. It is initiated in three different countries Nigeria, Indonesia, and India as the first targeted market by Google. 

The tool is more useful and productive for bloggers and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals. 

It is a productive tool for a specific market & all just like the other tools of Google; Google Docs, Google Meet, Google Maps, Google Trends, Google Duo, Google translator, and many more.

In different countries, in different states, in different cities, and different localities; different-different languages are used as a mode of communication. And Google has also observed a particular behavior of users on Google Search using domestic languages to ask questions and search for the queries. 

But because of “English” as a universal language, most of the data, answers, and solutions are available in the English language. Therefore, even Google didn’t have any answers to such questions asked in domestic languages. 

Google question hub will help all the users to find their answers in the particular language the question was asked in. For example; in India people speak in various languages as per their states and culture. Accordingly, they search for their queries in a specific language on the Google search. But all those-question were unanswered to date. People used to experience disappointment every time they look for some solutions.

How to use the tool?

Although, the majority of people in the three countries aren’t aware of this tool and its usability. But those who are aware of it are also not able to understand the exact usage of this tool. It is very easy to use and productive for bloggers who develop content regularly. You just need to follow this process while using the tool. 

You need to create a user on Google question hub; here is the link for its Google Question Hub. Log in with your Google ID and Password after clicking on this given link. 

Usually, bloggers find themselves in trouble while looking for the right keywords to develop the content. But what if I say that you can find those keywords that are fetched out more often on the google search and aren’t answered yet. 

In the coming years, such domestic keywords will be more productive and useful to rank high on the google search. So, as a blogger, you can maintain an easy process by using this tool for new content development. 

On the question hub tool of Google, you will find the Add Button to add on such queries and list them for future references. 

Google is providing access to limited 100 questions for the time being. So, you can choose the specific category to ask your queries. You can ask questions from multiple categories. By using a button called CSV, you can share those questions on your system as well. 

Then you can visit the Questions button where you can find all the listed questions. You can also use the History button where you can find the previously searched questions. 

There is another button for Settings that will help you to change the language and delete the account forever. 

There is also a button named Send Feedback where you can drop your feedbacks and you can share your experience.

What is the need for Google Question Hub?

  • The use of the google question hub tool is significantly beneficial for bloggers. 
  • You can list out the most asked question related to different categories. 
  • It will help you work on the top-ranking searched keywords in domestic languages. 
  • As a blogger, you develop fresh content on the given keywords to target untouched audiences. 
  • It will save your time that was supposed to be employed on finding the keywords and developing the quality content. 
  • Your unique user id will save the tasks done on the tool. 
  • The Google question hub tool helps you to share the saved question on the other systems.  
  • Just like the other listed Google tools, it is available for FREE. 
  • General users will find the answers to their questions in their languages. 
  • You can access 100 questions from different categories under the BETA version of Google Question Hub. 
  • The question tool will raise the bar of competition among bloggers for different domestic languages in the world. 
  • It can be used as a great Content Management tool.


As a family member of Google service tools, Google Question Hub will have a great scope in the future. Currently, it is initiated with 3 countries only but soon it will be launched in the world market. The bloggers from different corners of the world will get benefited from this amazing tool. 

People will get easy answers and solutions for their problems, queries, and questions asked in different domestic languages. They will get wholesome information about their searched topic from different sources. 

After deep research and analysis, Google has developed this solution for the problem lasting for ages. Now questions will be answered in various languages apart from the English language. This free tool can be used by one & all across the world on earth. 

So, next time when you find this tool in the list of Google tools, have your hands on this amazing tool and start answering the questions in various languages, and chose the most demanded keywords.

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