How to Rank A Blog High in 2021?

Important Tips - How to Rank A Blog High in 2021?

Every blogger is running in the race of getting a high rank in Google search. And most of the individuals practice every technique to bring their blog high in the ranking. But only a few technical players win in the chase. 

Every blogger is running in the race of getting a high rank in Google search. And most of the individuals practice every technique to bring their blog high in the ranking. But only a few technical players win in the chase. 

Blogging has become a full time professional in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Individuals, not only from the IT industry but even from different industries and domains do practice blogging. It has been profitable directly and indirectly for those who implement every technique carefully & regularly. 

In this informative, we will come across all those techniques which will help your blog to rank high in Google Search. There are many things that are to be taken into consideration while creating and posting blog content.

Why ranking high is important in the Google list?

Although every individual promotes their blogs as per the Google guidelines one question must have stroked in the mind that why it is important to rank high in the list of Google?

Well, the answer is quite easy and important to understand; every individual seeks some information and for that, he/she takes the help of Google search. So, if your blog or content is designed as per the required standards then your link will automatically rank on top of the list. And if you don’t follow the guidelines then your blog will lack behind.

Tips to rank a blog high in 2021

Choose the trending niche topic over your interests

Usually, individuals chose the blog topics as per their interest area, for example; specific local-sport, music, art & craft, etc. But such topics may not be fruitful for some because of the lack of interest of the readers in those niche topics. Therefore, in the year 2021 make sure you chose the trending blog topics over your interest areas.

Use of advanced research on the chosen topic

After short-listing your topic for a blog, the next step is to implement the advanced research techniques to find out some amazing facts and information on the topic. A well-researched blog ranks high in the list of Google searches and it will work more effectively in the year 2021. Learn how to do advanced research and then implement it.

Mind the length of your blogs

It has been analyzed in the past few years that those blogs with a minimum length size of 1000 words rank high and viewed more than the blogs in the length size of 400-800 words. Therefore, in 2021, it will be more important to create long length blogs. One of the research studies states that the blogs with content length more than 3000 words are viewed more and share 3.5 times more than other blogs.

Prioritise the use of keywords

It is significantly important to use appropriate keywords in the blogs and you must learn how to use keywords in the blogs?Keywords make it easy for a blogger to reach the target audiences smartly. You must use at least 1% keywords for the total length of your blog.

Structure the content well

As a blogger, you should work on the quality structure of your blogs. In 2021, only those blogs that are structured and designed according to the Google guidelines will rank high. So, it is vital to understand why to structure the blog content professionally? Maintain the quality of all your blogs to sustain a high Google ranking.

Post your blogs on the right blogging sites

Blogging websites are great resources to share & promote blogs among mass audiences at once. It can generate huge traffic on your blogs & website. So, it is important to choose the right blogging sites because there are various blogging websites available online. Chose the appropriate ones according to your niche or chosen topic to rank high.

Share the link of your blogs on different social media platforms

Today, social media applications like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn play a great role in promoting and boosting your business in the global market. Therefore, you must share the links of your blogs on these social media platforms. Choose the right social media to rank a blog high.

Do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blogs

You must improve the blog SEO in 2021 to get priority on Google search ranking. Developing the blogs only will not get you the ultimate results but you need to apply the organic SEO techniques on your blogs to get genuine traffic and followers on each blog. 

Use the hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are very important to be used in the blog content. These are the interest draggers and that is why it must be added to the blogs. Most readers look for the referral information on a particular concept or topic and if have used hyperlinks in your content. It will automatically rank high.

Continuous promotion

You need to work on how to promote the blogs? Every promotional technique is a continuous task. It helps you to target the appropriate audiences regularly. All the above-mentioned techniques can help you to rank your blog high in the SERPs. The use of tools daily generates continuous viewers, visitors, users, and followers.


Today, content has become the greatest factor in every field of business. In the absence of information, no business can survive. There are billions of people in the world who look for quality information on one or the other topic of social sciences. It has become one of the major criteria to rank high in the Google search list.

Many individuals are creating blogs and articles daily but they hardly get viewers on those blogs. So, according to the list of Google SEO guidelines for 2021, every blogger needs to perform the above-mentioned tasks to promote their blogs worldwide.

The organic SEO of your blogs will help you to promote the blogs correctly and earn desired traffic on your website. It will also help you to increase the TR, DA, and Alexa Ranking. So, use the best online promotional techniques to rank high in the list of Google searches.

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