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Guide to Wearing Perfumes for Parties

Are you wondering about which perfume should be worn to the party on Friday night or the Sunday family brunch? We have you sorted with this guide to wearing perfumes for parties!

After spending hours selecting the perfect look, perfect hair and footwear for the party, just by selecting the wrong perfume, you can make it all go in vain. A good perfume is everything that a person needs to look and feel amazing all throughout the day. Just a little whiff of the scent can enlighten your mood, making you feel great and energetic. However, on the other hand, a wrong perfume can make it worse too. You need to remember that it is not just you who has to smell the scent, but the people around you will also be noticing it. In case the scent is not suitable, it can make you look like a wannabe. Avoid all these perfume tragedies by following this simple guide to wearing imported perfumes for parties. Trust us, you will like it!

Perfume to suit the occasion:

If you are someone who blindly sprays any perfume kept in front of you, it is time to change this habit. Never apply fragrance without paying attention to the occasion for which you are getting ready. Wearing the same fragrance everywhere cannot help you to stand out when you really want it. Before spraying on the perfume, think about the occasion and where it will be happening. If it is a family gathering where just a handful of people will be sitting down for a lunch, wearing a gentle fragrance is the right way. Similarly, for brunch, for casual dates and for hanging out with your friends, gentle notes are great.

If you have to go to office parties, board meetings, gatherings, you need something, which is slightly strong yet straightforward. You don’t want to be ridiculed for your too strong or very mild scent. For club nights or larger parties where you will be seeing many people, it is wise to wear something strong that can survive other scents present there. Keeping the occasion in mind can really help you to choose the right imported perfumes for men and women to match it well.  

Choose it according to time:

Perfumes that are worn during the daytime are different from the ones worn during the night. For daytime, you need something gentle and soothing, which can travel easily with the heat of the daytime. However, for the night, the scent notes need to very strong to survive the cold temperature. Before wearing perfume for the party, you need to think about the time it will be. If it is a daytime gathering, wear a floral, fruity and soft oriental note. For night time gathering, you can wear strong scents which can survive the cold as well as other scents surrounding you. Similarly, you can wear scents depending on the season of the year as well. it is always wise to have 2-3 perfumes of different scents to match the needs accordingly.

How much perfume is enough?

Usually, people spray on perfume like a deodorant, which is obviously the wrong way to do it. It is perfume, and has a higher concentration fragrance essence. You don’t need to douse yourself with it the way you do with a deodorant. Always remember a simple rule when it comes to perfumes – a little is a lot!

People who wear too much perfume are considered as wannabe types who are trying to be in the limelight. Moreover, too much perfume can be a turn off if you are meeting new people or going out on the date. Don’t be the guy or gal who wears weird scents.

Follow a basic 2 spay rule with the perfumes with a concentration of 15% and more like perfume oil, parfum and Eau de parfum. And 3 spray rule with scents with less than 15% such as Eau de toilette, eau de cologne and Eau de Fraiche. It is enough to keep you fragrant from long hours without any issue.

Choose your scent wisely, not blindly!

Never make a mistake of wearing imported perfume for ladies or men which is smelling good on someone else. Every perfume smells differently on different people. You cannot expect it to smell the same on you as it is doing on your friend or someone else. Make sure to try the perfume on your own skin, to ensure that it suits your pheromones and gives the same amazing effect as you expect.

With these simple tips, you can be the star of every gathering, smelling amazing all day long without any issue. Choose the right scent according to the time, occasion and your personality to have the best perfume experience.

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