Guide To Eyelash Extension Tweezers

An Edifying Guide To Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Looking for a pair of eyelash extension tweezers? We have got you covered by elaborating on every style available in the market. With this guide, you can give your clients a perfect classic lash extension.

Tweezers for eyelash extensions are designed to assist in giving the finest finish to the last extension's artwork. It is used at all times throughout the lash extension appointment. If one is willing to master the eyelash extension skill, mastering the use of tweezers is a key step towards the goal. To launch a successful eyelash extension business, the selection of the right eyelash extension tweezers for the right style is very crucial. Therefore to achieve classic lashes, a classic pair of tweezers is used throughout the process to give a clean-finished result.

Types of eyelash extension tweezers


Tweezers by the shape of their tip 

What is it that separates traditional tweezers from a professional eyelash extension tweeze? The answer is the tip. The tip of the tweezer is important as the lash artist perform processes like separating, selecting, and picking the lash during lash extension procedure. There are different types of tips varying in shapes and functions. 

I shape tweezers 

These are also called straight shape tweezers. These are used for isolation and classic lashes. These also perform the task of separating and plucking the eyelashes. I shape has two different types. A thin and long and a thick and short. The former is recommended for isolation and the latter for classic lashes.

F shape tweezers 

These shaped tweezers are an ideal piece for isolation purposes as well as attaching the classic eyelash extensions. 

A shape tweezers 

The shape A at the tip of the eyelash extension tweezers is perfect for picking the lashes and getting the classic eyelash extensions attached. 

X shape tweezers 

Yet again this shape is for the classic lashes. The X shape holds the eyelash extensions with ease without putting tension on the hand. 

S shape tweezers 

These are used for appointments where the client is looking for voluminous lashes. The shape is perfect for picking up the fans and attaching them to the lash band. The specialty of this shape is its versatility. It can be used in isolation on clients with a prominent forehead and/or deep-set eyes.

L shape tweezers 

These make an excellent pair when the task it to customize voluminous lashes. The shape is excellent for picking up fans and attaching or clipping lash eyelashes to the band. 

Round shape tweezers 

The round shape is safe and secure to remove the eye pads and tapes applied during the procedure.


Tweezers by their material 


The two materials used to make eyelash extension tweezers are stainless steel and titanium.

Stainless steel tweezers

As the name suggests, this material is resistant to rust. But, if not looked after, it can catch rust. Not many know that stainless steel tweezers are mixed with little quantity of nickel. Although it is rare, people allergic to nickel may have mild to a severe allergic reaction. The advantage of stainless steel tweezers is that it is reasonably priced and hard to rust. 

Titanium tweezers 

As compared to stainless steel tweezers, titanium ones are much lighter in weight, hence easy to use. It is also rust-free. These tweezers are springy and sturdy and hence make it a perfect fit as a professional eyelash extension tweezers. Due to the rust-free property, this material is also used for medical reasons. Advantages are that they are recommended for people with sensitive skin and skin allergies. 

Magnetic VS Non- Magnetic tweezers 

Magnetic tweezers are known to cause complications due to weather conditions. The non-magnetic tweezers are recommended for professional lash extension use. 

Which tweezers to use for which eyelash extension style? 

For a professional eyelash extension artist, it is important to bear in mind the eyelash extension technique that will be used. 

  • For classic eyelash extensions, the most suitable style is 2-SA. These are flexible and are known to adapt to any angle. 
  • For Russian volume extensions, the style recommended is RV-1. These are L shaped tweezers and are made to pick fans and attach during sessions. 
  • For pre-made lash fan extensions the style RV-Curve is used. This is S-shaped and reduces the application time by helping grip the premade lash fans easily. 
  • For isolation the best and the most recommended style of tweezers are SS-SA. Isolation demands endless grip and un-grip hand movements. Hence, can be tiring for the hand. The isolation tweezers are lightweight and perform the task with ease. 
  • For eye tape and eye pad removal, round-shaped tips are the best. Style 2A-SA is perfect for that. 
  • The grip and weight of the tweezers is something that often goes missing. For the overall posture and hand comfort of the artist, the grip and weight of the tweezers play an important role. In terms of eyelash extension tweezers, there is no one size fits all. Besides keeping all the above factors in mind, it is also important to consider what is comfortable and most suitable for your lash extension style and technique.


How to hold the eyelash extension tweezers?

The ideal positioning of the thumb and index or middle finger is horizontal to get a strong grip.  

How to make your eyelash extensions tweezers last longer?  

  • Storing them in the given case or stand when not in use is the key to prolong their life. 
  • Using a separate pair for thick and thin lashes is essential. For thicker extensions, less tension is needed. If the same tweezers are used, they may get loose and unable to pick fine lashes. 
  • Remove adhesive from the tweezers as soon as possible. This can cause weight imbalance and damage the tweezers. 
  • Placing tweezers on a non-slippery silicone pad is important. Tweezers kept on pillows may slide and fall off causing damage. 
  • A big no-no for tapping the tip of the tweezers on hard surfaces. They are fragile and tend to break if not treated with care. 
  • Lastly, storing them in enclosed cases or stand when not use can keep them from rusting. 


Precautions to bear in mind when using eyelash extension tweezers on clients. 

  • When performing eyelash extensions beware of where the tip of the tweezers is facing. Any movement by the client can cause serious injuries and punctures.
  • If working in a salon set up, it is important to see that there is enough room behind for colleagues to walk around. A tiny push can cause harm.    


Infection and allergies related to tweezers 

  • Metal allergies -  

This can take place when using stainless steel tweezers which are mixed with nickel or chrome. When this material comes in contact with chlorine in sweat, it can cause an allergic reaction. In mild cases, the symptoms are rash, redness and irritation. A severe reaction may cause sore ooze. If the client experiences any of these apply an ice pack and diluted vinegar on the spot. If no improvement, please seek medical guidance. 

To avoid this, stainless steel can be replaced with titanium. If not this, the stainless steel tip can be coated with clear nail polish to avoid such incidents. 


  • Bacterial infections - 

Eyelash extension tweezers are the only piece of equipment that is passed from one client to another. It touches the skins of different people and hence, is prone to spread infections. It is mandatory to sterilize the tweezers after every use and in between clients. In case the tweezers fall on the ground, fresh pain should be used. When not in use, store the tweezers in a wet sterilizer or a UV light disinfection box. This will kill all the bacteria before and after use. 

Conclusion -

Selecting eyelash extension tweezers is the first step towards giving your clients a perfect set of classic lash extensions. Due to the many options in the market, it is a difficult choice to make. Hopefully, this read has helped you choose your pick based on the recommendations, material, and style of extensions you go for.


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