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Har ki Dun

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For a first time trekker, the adventure is a great one as the walk is quick for most of the trek. We'll have some river streams to navigate. Above us are bright blue skies and thick chestnut and deodar forest to our left. For the most part, our walk will be along playful river streams and lovely waterfalls. On your feet, the climbs are gentle and not too taxing. Their open meadows are ideal for a perfect camp site in the middle of our trail. As the range includes parakeets, cuckoo, owls, minivets, bulbul, monal, koklass pheasat, Western Tragopan, Steppe Eagle, Golden Eagle, Himalayan Snowcock and bearded vulture, they have an array of birds and wild life.

The area is also home to the upper reaches of the exotic and rare snow leopard. As they worship and revere Duryodhana and Kauravas, the antagonists of the Hindu Epic Mahabharata, the individuals in the region adopt strange customs. According to the Mahabharata legend, this trail leads to the road to Swargarohini, the way to heaven. The path takes us across alpine meadows, moraines, glaciers, ancient villages and pine trees, offering us interesting views of the valley and stunning landscapes. Located at an altitude of 3500 meters, from October to March, Har Ki Dun Trek remains covered with snow and offers spectacular views of the popular Swargarohini, Bandar Poonch, or Black Peak and Har Ki Dun Trekking Peak peaks.

Trek Itinerary:

Day 1- Dehradun-Sankri:

Today is going to be a long journey so we wouldn't have much time to see sight, Dehradun to Sankri is driving 10-12 hours along hills via Mussorie and will take our whole day. For trekkers, it is therefore advisable to arrive early in the morning and carry on to Sankri. After a series of hair pin twists, spectacular views of Yamunotri and Kedarkantha Peaks, criss-crossing remote Himalyan villages and coming across several rivers such as Yamuna, Kamalganga, Kedarganga, Supin and Tons, we will reach our destination Sankri, which is a beautiful destination, we will take a break near Mussorie for breakfast and click photos, en route we will also get to see Kempty falls from afar.

Day 02- Sankri- Taluka:

This is a gentle 4-5 hour walk from Sankri to Taluka across the plains along the Supin River. This is a beautiful trek that goes past wild roses, chestnut trees, and cedar trees. Along our journey, we will come across some streams and waterfalls. Taluka is a large meadow of concrete houses near a tiny village. Small eateries (Dhabhas) are nearby. The Taluka pastures are packed with wild, aromatic flowers in spring. We camp at Taluka overnight in the open sky and enjoy a sumptuous dinner and a bonfire before we return to our tents.

Day 03- Taluka-Osla:

After a nourishing breakfast, we will start today and pack our lunch. For about 40 minutes, there is mostly a level walk going east along the river, which will carry us to a bridge. We can enter a small meadow after crossing the bridge, where we can see two branching paths, choose the left path along the river, and walk along the right side of the river. The path turns after a while and we will find ourselves climbing a mountain through a gentle gradient among green forests. It's best to start early, as we'll have plenty of time to enjoy the sights and the beauty of the forest.

We'll come across a small bridge after a while and climb for another 30 mins after crossing the bridge. There's a short walk to Gangad Village from here. At the nearby eatery, we will take a break for some tea and snacks and open our packed lunches while savoring the breathtaking views. We will cross the river and continue for a few more hours to walk and enter the cultivated fields. Near Seema/Osla, we have reached (a village with two names).

Day 4- Seema/Osla-Ruinsara Tal:

If we start from Seema/Osla, but not from Debsu Thach, then we have to begin early today and cross a river after breakfast. Moving north east, if it's not washed away in that situation, we'll use boulders to cross a small bridge. We'll see an enchanting little waterfall rising from the tree-fringed mountains after a bit. We will hit an intersection about another half a kilometer, we will take the path branching off towards north-west across the river and take us to Debsu Thach 30 minutes walk from here. We will start from here on an obscure path that leads down to the forest on a steep gradient towards the east.

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