Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan

Every person wants to have both good mental and physical health. However, it is not an easy task to achieve. Our well-being depends on different factors. Some of them are healthy eating, nutrition, and exercise plan. That is why the goal of every person should be to define and combine these components, taking into consideration age, peculiarities of constitution, routine activities, possible problems, and desired results.

Firstly, in order to build perfect personal healthy eating and nutrition plan, it is necessary to analyze the usual diet and possible ways how it can be changed. According to the result of Meal Summary Report week 1 from Super Tracker, we can notice that my breakfasts, as well as snacks, are light, while dinners are rich in fats, and it is hard for the body to fully digest food. Moreover, lunches are completely excluded from the diet. From the point of view of healthy eating, this position is wrong. I have also discussed current issue with the folowers of my blog, feel free to join the conversation.  First of all, it is necessary to underline that breakfasts should be nutritious because they provide people with the energy for the whole day. Moreover, it also activates metabolism. However, such dishes as oatmeal and cereal are right for breakfast. The better decision will be to supplement them with fruit and vegetable salads. Lunches should not be omitted at all, as body, at the time of it, fully awakes and requires energy. However, it does not mean that lunch should be packed with fat food. The best choice is to eat many fruits and vegetables. Although, it is permissible to eat meat for dinner, as it is a source of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants; roasted, baked or grilled meat brings no benefit to health. It increases the levels of glycotoxins and cholesterol in the organism that leads to acceleration of the aging process and risk of heart attack. According to snacks in my diet, they are planned well because they are light and rich in vitamins. Moreover, it is necessary to admit that diet plan on the week 1 is built on the right number of calorie allowance. As 2400 calories per day are recommended for my age. Analyzing the result of Meal Summary Report week 9, we can notice some improvements. For example, one day, the lunch is not omitted. In addition, dishes from baked, grilled, and roasted meat are excluded from the dinner diet. Enough fruit and vegetables should be included in the diet.

Secondly, it is advisable to define the goal, which will be possible to achieve with the help of developed nutrition and exercise plan. My goal is to be fit, healthy and lose extra weight. However, I do not want to starve or greatly limit my diet. In order to reach this destination, I need to eat wholesome food 75% of the time, 5 – 6 meals per day and drink many liquids, and use a special 5-day long carb week. Firstly, eating wholesome foods means that my diet will be rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, seafood and other great sources of vitamins. I will implement it in the following way: my breakfast will consist of such products as oatmeal, cold cereal with soy milk, which is also high in fiber, together with Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit, whole-wheat muffin with some kind of fruits, peanut butter and possibly a two-egg vegetable omelet with whole-grain toast. My lunch will be mainly based on hummus, fruits, vegetables, and salads with low – fat dressing. For dinner, I will choose such dishes as veggies and lean meat, whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce and vegetable stir fry; on a side of the dish can be brown rice or whole-grain flatbread with roasted vegetables, low-fat cheese and a good portion of fresh fruits and vegetables. Snack will consist of a good portion of fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins shakes, which are especially helpful after weight training. Secondly, eating 5 – 6 meals per day is important, as it gives a chance to keep hunger under control and provide muscles with a constant supply of nutrients. To implement this rule in my diet, I will eat every 2 – 3 hours. Thirdly, drinking a lot of water helps to update continuous supply of water in the body. To make this rule a part of my diet, I will always take a bottle of water with me. Fourthly, a special 5-day long carb week gives an opportunity to lose fat and gain lean muscle. To implement this rule, it is necessary not to eat any carbohydrates for 5 days.

However, following the healthy diet is not enough for achieving my goal. It should be supplemented by physical exercises. As I spend much time on education, I will not have an opportunity to visit the gym regularly. That is why I have chosen the method, which gives the chance to train muscles, while doing everyday activities. According to it, it is necessary to exercise wherever is possible, do cardiovascular activity, help in the household, and do new exercises to avoid boredom. First rule shows that it is not necessary to visit special places in order to keep fit. For example, I can run to school, walk the dog or ride a bike to the grocery store for this purpose. Second rule reveals that is required to move the body every day. Such activities as jogging, playing tennis, football or basketball, and swimming will be helpful in this case. Third rule tells that even simple house holding activities help to keep muscles in a good shape. For example, cleaning the dust also helps to burn calories. Moreover, it is a good method to rest after studying. Fourth rule shows that it is necessary to do new exercises every day, in order to keep interested. For example, choosing one day to run means that next day it is necessary to choose to walk with a dog and so on.

The biggest difficulty that I may face on my way is laziness and lack of willpower. However, to cope with them, I am going to draw a big poster on which I will portray myself after weeks of this diet and exercising. It will be a good way to increase motivation. To see whether this plan of dieting and exercising is effective, I will measure the weight every week and put down the information on the poster, in order to see results. Moreover, I will take my photo every day to see the changes clearly. The biggest advantage of this plan is its suitability for different ages and physical capabilities. Moreover, the plan of exercising can be easily changed, according to the season. For example, if, in the summer, the person chooses to run every day, in winter, the running can be replaced by skiing.

To sum up, according to the analysis of result of Meal Summary Reports from Super Tracker, there are some drawbacks in my diet. In order to achieve the goal to be healthy, fit and lose extra weight, I have to eliminate them. That is why I have chosen such steps to improve my diet and exercising, as to eat wholesome food 75% of the time, eat 5 – 6 meals per day, drink a lot of water, use a special 5-day long carb week, exercise wherever is possible, do cardiovascular activity, help in the household, and exercise more.

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