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Here Are A Few Pros & Cons Of Shared Child Custody

Generally, shared or joint child custody may be the safest form of custody for your loved ones. Yet sometimes, shared child custody may not be an effective arrangement in some circumstances. After divorce, you must keep in mind that there are pros & cons of joint parenting. When agreeing on the right joint custody agreement for the kids, you need to put the overall welfare and happiness above all else.

On the positive side of shared child custody, this arrangement gives both parents equal opportunities to spend some time with the children. The child will also get equal emotional and psychological support from the father & mother. Moreover, there is more or less equal sharing of financial support given to the siblings. Both the parents take turns taking care of the kid by following the agreed shared custody schedules & adhering to shared parenting arrangements.

Our beautiful state of California is a community property state. This means that any property acquired by either spouse during marriage is split 50-50 in a divorce. This is generally the course of action taken regarding property in the marriage but sometimes you need to make sure the court knows your spouse gifted you the car, or maybe you had the house before the marriage. The scenarios are endless, but having an attorney who can apply the law to your scenario and let you know what can be done, is what counts.

The court sometimes divides the property under a concept called "quasi-marital" property. If the parties have moved to California from other states/counties, in a divorce action, the court calls the property that the parties acquired during marriage in other states/countries "quasi-Community property."

On the negative side, shared custody of the child may not be ideal in cases where one of the divorced couples has several problems. This may include unemployment that makes the parent incapable of providing financial support. It also involves personal issues like severe mental health disorder and bad vices of one parent that can place the child's health at risk, among many others.


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Whatever sort of custody you think is best for your kids, make sure you fight for it in the upcoming battles if your ex-spouse disagrees. To ensure your success in court, you have to formulate your own strategies & techniques to improve your success rate in the upcoming legal battles; so that child shared custody is ruled by the court in your case.

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