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Hiring Magento 2 Developers? All you need to know

Magneto is one of the best platforms for ecommerce store developments. With the launch of the latest 2.4.0 version the value of this platform has doubled among the merchants and Magento developers. As new versions are already rolling in and merchants are looking for switching to the latest ones, they are also looking for talented Magento developers or agencies that can help them in seamless migration. Migration from 1.x to 2.x is not easy as it is a whole replacement process which needs expertise of certified Magento developers. Besides migration, many physical shop owners are preparing to switch online so they need proper assistance and expert developers to create their online marketplace from the scratch.

Proper assistance of a Magento 2 developer promotes your business to develop not only an engaging online marketplace but also a source of revenue. It requires a thorough groundwork when looking for a qualified Magento development team or an expert Magento developer.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Type of developer

There are types of Magento developers such as front end developers, backend and the ones who carry out both client and server side development. So, it completely depends on you and your business requirements that which type of Magento developer can help you complete your project

  1. Part-time, full time or on hourly basis

Knowing the amount of time you want the developer to devote to your project is another important aspect during the hiring process. There are projects in which the requirements are limited, hence hiring the Magento developers for full time would not be relevant for both the sides. But if the project demands critical attention and is for large scale customers having a fully dedicated team working full time is recommended. For certain issues or debugging, there are developers who work on hourly basis too, this can save you from irrelevant expenditure.

  1. Certified Magento Developers

Hiring Magento 2 experts is never an easy task. Ensure the one whom you are hiring has certain necessary certifications clarifying that he/she has already worked on such projects before and is capable of completing those according to your business requirements. Certificates like the ‘Adobe Certified Expert-Magento Commerce JavaScript Developer’ tests if the Magento developer has enough front-end or back-end professional knowledge and skills to be able to build new JavaScript modules for Magento 2 or change existing ones.

  1. Researching agencies

Till now the points discussed were for what type of developer you need for your Magento 2 project. The other things include, the development agency you will go to for hiring the developers. Freelance developers are also a good option in case you have just a small portion to be developed. In case of beginning an entire new project selecting a firm with a proven track record is well to go with. First step in the research protocol is going through the website of the development agency and understanding the type of work they do as per the case studies they put there. Connect with them and arrange meetings to have an in-depth knowledge. It is recommended to search for various agencies, research, compare and then hire.

  1. Set up interviews

The programmers assigned to your project should be interviewed thoroughly. You should be fully convinced by the developers. Set up various rounds of interviews, check their past work and gauge them according to your business requirements. Check it with the development company whether their process is flexible enough to change the team of your developers in between the development phase.


Hiring Magneto developers involves an all-round process from research to on boarding and support. It is important to know every aspect of the hiring process. A proper ground work, development knowledge about the technology to a certain extent and the goal of hiring the developers, all these things need to be clear in the mind of the merchant or the user looking to hire.

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