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Want to Know How to Bates Stamp a Secured PDF: Check Out Here!

Learn the best solution to add page numbers to secured PDF document.

“Recently, my Manager asked me to add bates stamp to PDF file. He shared the PDF file with me and then I got to know that PDF file was password protected. Now, I am stuck in a problem. I do not know how to bates stamp a secured PDF file. Is there any way to add bates on password protected PDF document? Please provide me a reliable and instant way to implement this task.”

Are you also fighting a similar issue? Want to do page numbering on locked PDF files? Do not panic, you are present on the right page. In this blog, we are going to introduce a smart, reliable and feature-rich solution to add bates stamp on a secured PDF file.

Few Users Must Be Thinking!

Why One Should Add Bates Stamp PDF Documents?

Most of the users, Bates stamp their PDF file to manage PDF pages accurately and uniquely. Once bates are inserted into the PDF file, it becomes hassle-free for the user to manage the PDF file. Moreover, PDF Bates stamping is commonly used in legal evidence file, indexing, ebooks, organizing multiple PDF files associated with numerous cases. Thus, to make PDF file management easy, users apply bates stamp on PDF documents.

Moreover, in law firms, many legal professionals Bates stamp PDF files to identify their documents as well as case files uniquely. Legal documents consist of tons of pages and indexing those page is a complicated task. Thus, bates stamping the PDF file make it seamless for every user to retrieve the information from the PDF file in an effortless way.

Now, The Major Issue Is:

Users face issues when they have to add bates to the PDF file. This task becomes more complex when they have to deal with a secured PDF file. Thus, they search for a way to add page numbering on locked PDF without any problem.

How to Bates Stamp A Secured PDF? Any Reliable Way?

Yes, the user can rely on a versatile and efficient utility i.e SysTools PDF Bates Numberer. With this utility, the user can number password protected PDF files. The software is associated with amazing features and functionalities. Firstly, it will remove Adobe PDF security & then add bates on password protected PDF document. Moreover, the user interface of the software is easy-to-use, both tyro users and technocrats can work with the tool without any problem. Some of the beneficial features integrated into the software are:

  • Insert page number of multiple pages of a PDF file at once
  • Eliminate encryption from the PDF file and add page number to it
  • One can add prefix or suffix along with the PDF Bates stamp
  • Provides different formatting options while numbering password protected PDF
  • No need to install Adobe Acrobat for page numbering locked PDF files

Follow the steps explained below and learn how to bates stamp a secured PDF document:

1. First of all, download and install SysTools PDF Bates Numberer to bates stamp PDF free

2. Click on the Bates option, present at the top to bates stamp a secured PDF

3. Now, you will see three options: Generate Bates Number, Generate Bates Number For File Series, Print PDF

4. Here, you need to select Generate Bates Number option and click on the Next button

page numbering locked pdf

5. Now, click on the Add File(s) button to insert the PDF file to add bates numbering and also click on Remove Encryption from PDF File(s) check box. Click on the Next button

stamp a secured pdf

6. After that, in the Bates Number Format section, you can add prefix, suffix, start number, increment by, number of digits

add page numbers to secured pdf

7. In the Additional Information section, you can also insert Additional Text and Additional Text Positioning. Click on the Next button

8. Now, in the Bates Number Positioning section, you can set the bates number placement as per your choice

9. In the Font and Color section, set the font size and color according to your requirements. You can also select File Name Convention option

10. After that, click on the Browse button to select the destination path to save the resultant PDF file. Click on the Next button


11. Now, the software will display the summary with all the alteration made by you. Click on the Generate button to begin the process to bates stamp a secured PDF file

12: Now, to add bates on password protected PDF you will be asked to enter the password of the secured PDF document.

protected pdf file numbering

13. To verify the results, navigate to the location where you saved your resultant PDF file

Bates Stamp a Secured PDF File In A Seamless Way!

Managing PDF files with numerous pages is a very complex task for every user. Thus, the user bates stamp PDF files to keep them in an organized way. The major problem occurs when the user doesn’t know how to bates stamp a secured PDF file. Thus, in this write-up, we have introduced a reliable approach for numbering password protected PDF without any security issues.

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