Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh

Hitachi Direct Cool Refrigerator Price And Reviews In Bangladesh

Hitachi refrigerator During summer, a refrigerator is a vital need. In swelter summer, not only storage food for an extended time but also cold water, soft drinks, ice cubes also become essential for alleviation.

Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh During summer, a refrigerator is a vital need. In swelter summer, not only storage food for an extended time but also cold water, soft drinks, ice cubes also become essential for alleviation. In newly established households by a couple or for occupation holders alone, life or student's home specious freeze at a reasonable cost is always desired. Like this kind of requirement, a famous brand Hitachi attracted to you personally Hitachi Direct Cool Refrigerator.


It is a very Aesthetic appearance that must seek your attention. The full body is decorated with red and deep red base and blossom of graphical print. Which must be preferable to this, and all design is more distinctive than any other manufacturer. This exceptional design boosts perfection of your house more than previously. So this, this 320 battery capacity Mini fridge price in Bangladesh, can keep standard storage food of your household for a long time. And appropriate for routine use. Its internet weight is nearly 61 kg.

General Features:

Hitachi Its main characteristics are- highly efficient in low electricity and less expensive than another kind of refrigerator. A direct cold fridge is more useful in a shop or industrially. Hitachi attracted two variants of the direct cold refrigerator. Their maximum features are identical. A bit of change in central arrangement. Its temperature control is mechanical. Lock system available. Running system recessed or grip two types are readily available.

The refrigerator compartment keeps the food safe with real odor. Moreover, this model has a lot of layers took to keep the food safe as well as separately. LED fan and light also included. Possessing bright light, you'll receive a clear view inside of the cavity. The cooling effect is 0º C to +5ºC. So you would readily store regular food.

Freezer Compartment: The cooling function of the model is -18 degree. This component includes two wire shelves. This compartment is also rather big to maintain the right enough quantity of food for an extended time.

Cooling features: Climate type of Hitachi Direct Cool Granite is N~ST. Suitable for all kinds of weather. Condenser and capillary pipe are both copper. There two types of refrigerant gas are used in two different versions. These are R134a and R600a. A combination of R600a or R134a refrigerant and 100% copper condenser will make sure of smooth airflow at both the cavity. Ensure the food value with less energy. Because of having green technology, we are safe from harmful CFC and HCFC gas. Entirely green arrangement for healthful and heal life. So, ideally, look after your family and the environment. You can use a voltage stabilizer in this refrigerator. In that case, the capacity of the voltage stabilizer should be 2000 VA.

Electrical Characteristics:

Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh utilized RSCR Compressor ensures better functionality. This model will be active in 220 volt 50 Hz. This model is highly dynamic with less energy, and so that, end of this month, you will not hazard with the other present invoice. It can store food as its ability for a long time. For smart technologies, it may keep food fresh with real tests and odor. Polyurethane foam blowing agent is CycloPentane, will not create a harmful effect on food.

Value and Cost:

Hitachi is a Famous home appliance brand in Bangladesh. Small or big every town in Bangladesh, you may found Transcom Digital show-room. This refrigerator is available in online marketplace in Bangladesh.


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