Samsung fridge price in Bangladesh

Samsung Refrigerator Cost And Facts In Bangladesh

Samsung refrigerator is the latest technology based SXS Two Door non-frost, including this Merchandise using a maximum storage capacity of 600 liters. This is a mega-size this Product of fridge capable of keeping well enough food for a longer time.

Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh is the latest technology based SXS Two Door non-frost, including this Merchandise using a maximum storage capacity of 600 liters. This is a mega-size this Product of fridge capable of keeping well enough food for a longer time.

Let's have to examine some of the fundamental features of Samsung fridge in a glance.


- The excellent prognosis that will Increase the beauty of your place. Its double door system gives a simple choice to open the doorway to acquire the food.

- This is a double cooling comprising this Product of the fridge makes the compartment cool properly.

No frost this Product of refrigerator you would feel comfortable to place and remove the food.

- Multilayer's storage capacity bases this Product using a maximum of 600 liters storage capability.

- Food tier technology is perfectly designed to keep the food in the right condition.

- A digital screen at the front of this Door is provided to provide the data.

- A digital screen controller is given To produce the adjustment of the features.


- This is heavyweight this Product of Refrigerator with enormous size. Therefore you want to have sufficient enough room to maintain a Samsung refrigerator at your location.

Layout and Dimension

Freezer price in Bangladesh is a double door silver color shiny this Product of refrigerator. The total body is made of durable metallic and plastic materials. Together with attractive internal decoration, digital screen control is given at the front Entry to adjust their cooling concerning proper storage. This family size fridge dimension is 912X1789X734 (mm). According to the dimension, you have to have good enough space to keep the Product at your location. Moreover, its weight is 108 in total, which is huge to go from 1 place to another.

Storage and Cooling capacity

This is a family size storage capacity base on this Product of refrigerator with good decoration at both pockets. That means you can readily keep the food separately with real odor and test. Cooling features is majorly depending on refrigerant. Unlike regular, this Product of fridge Samsung The fridge is utilizing R600a cooling refrigerant. That's also known as eco-friendly and safe refrigerant. Also, because of having a twin cooling system, its cooling ability at the compartment has increased. Therefore both the compartments have maximum cooling to keep the meals properly.

Accessible Attributes

Samsung, the fridge is the right combination of contemporary features and a gorgeous outlook. A number of the new characteristics of Samsung refrigerators are provided below.

Twin cooling: This is a twin cooling containing this Product of refrigerator. This helps to make sure in regards to the proper flow of cooling both pockets.

Double Door: This is a double doorway this Product with glistening stainless bar to close or open.

Non-frost: Unlike a regular refrigerator, this is a non-frost this Product of fridge that helps to keep the food easily, besides, to remove the food with no trouble.

Properly Decorated compartment: this is a huge storage capability base on this Product of refrigerator with fine decoration in the compartment.

Nano Technology: this is a Nanotechnology base; the Product of the fridge keeps the food fresh from many bacteria with real aroma and test.

Digital Display: at the Front Door, the digital display is given to make any manipulation of their cooling attributes.

Different boxes for different kinds of food: the compartment has many storage boxes to store the food securely with real tests and odor. There are two vegetable boxes provided to maintain the green food fresh and keep the humidity level in the perfect condition for the green foods. Besides, the Samsung fridge of this refrigerator has 4 Shelves, 3 Door Pockets. Additionally, its gasket door has great enough space to keep the drink and dry food safe.

Eco friendly: Samsung fridge is CFC and HCFC gas free refrigerant using R600a cooling gas. This warming refrigerant not just capable of creating the compartment perfectly trendy for keeping food but also keeps the power bill minimum at the end of the month.

Electrical Features

This is a daily appliance. The fridge does have a small bit of additional electricity than ordinary appliances. You can conduct a Samsung refrigerator with a standard voltage of 220V to 230V. When at the close of the month, your electricity bill will be remaining within the limit.

Price and Accessibility

Samsung is a World-renowned brand comprising futuristic capabilities. You will easily have a small fridge price in Bangladesh within the affordable price in the closest appliances showrooms of

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