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How a New Job in Another State Impacts Your Family

New jobs can equate to great opportunities for you and your family! However, the logistics of gaining a promotion or starting a new career can present its own set of challenges. Don't leg the logistics of moving hold you and your family back from chasing huge opportunities that await you.

Getting a fantastic career break can be great for your bank account, your professional growth, and your family. However, if your new job requires a move to another part of the country, you and your family may need to do some serious planning to make things work.

Consider a Split Household Move for a Short Time

If your children are younger, the flight to another city and a new house may be an adventure. If your child is about to graduate from high school, you may need to consider getting an apartment in the new city until the whole family can move.

On the flip side of that, you may find that older children are excited to look at a university in your new city. Considering the cost of on-campus housing at many universities, your child may actually be able to go to school for a lower overall cost in your new city. Change is hard, but it always brings opportunities. If your children are struggling through the work of adolescence, hang in there. It will take some time.

Take What You Treasure

No matter how old your children are, make sure they know that their favorite items are coming with, including:

  • toys
  • games
  • electronics

While assuring the kids, make sure you also plan to move your favorite toys as well! You can easily bring your motorcycle, bicycles, and other weekend fun tools with the help of a motorcycle transport company.

Thing About Large Items

If you are moving from an apartment to a house thanks to your income bump, make sure you take notes on what pieces of furniture need to go into which room. For those who wind up having a larger home to fill, you will probably want to take nearly all of your furniture.

For those who have been looking at an emptying nest, it may be time to use your move to downsize. Your older children may be on their own already, while younger children are learning to live without daily sibling contact or with being an "only" child.

Promote the benefits to your remaining children with an eye toward space and autonomy. If your younger children were used to sharing the kid bathroom, look for a space where they have their own attached bath. If your child is college age, you may even want them to have their own entrance and enough room in the garage for a car.

Downsize or Upsize?

For parents of older children, this may be the time to downsize your own possessions. Yes, you should definitely bring your motorcycle. Do you also want to have more time and energy on the weekends by buying a patio home or a condo, instead of having to mow your own lawn?

Downsizing can be about more than space. Now might be the time to stop packing up the paper books and use a tablet or e-reader. Keep the great kitchen tools, but give up the big dining room table. The hard work that earned the promotion and the effort of moving is enough for you to do. Consider downsizing your chores while you plan your move.

Pair the Move with Another Big Adventure

If your company is moving you, you likely have a moving budget. Pack the items that you need to be in control of, but go ahead and get rid of what items you don't need or plan to move. Pack your bags for an easy flight to your new city while the drivers move your belongings across the country and unload your possessions.

While you're waiting for your truck, check out your new town! If your move has taken you to New York, go stroll around Central Park, check out the giant turtle fossil at the National History Museum, and stop for a slice of pizza. Next, take the subway down to Battery Park and catch the ferry over to Staten Island so you can take photos of The Lady. Moving doesn’t need to involve endless stress.

No matter the age of your children, your excitement in your new city will be contagious. When your moving truck arrives and your things are unloaded, you will still have a lot of work to do. However, your family will be excited about their many opportunities to enjoy life in their new town.


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