AI in automotive industry

How AI Has Made The Automotive Industry Smarter Than Ever Before?

The year 2020 has clearly hinted that being digital is not a fad but a matter of survival for automotive companies. If you fail to respond to this revolution, then your farewell is assured in every possible sense.

When we discuss the spectrum of digital transformation, then we must understand that it is not sufficed to one particular technology or trend only. But as we are going to focus on this post about the successful invasion of AI in the automotive sector, hence we shall only be discussing dramatic changes AI has brought to the automotive industry.

So fasten your seatbelts, as we are going to take you on a digital tour crafted by Artificial Intelligence for the automotive industry, and the clichéd part here suggests that there is nothing artificial about this technology.

Well, jokes apart, let’s dive in together to understand the benefits AI has got to offer to the automotive sector.

1. Automated supply chain

The supply chain is one of the most prominent aspects of the automotive industry, where it predicts maintenance automatically and helps in creating a bridge between forecasting and production planning. It also calculates the remaining space in the warehouse and recommends a suitable loading option, for any particular vehicle type. That further grabs the information automatically and checks and loads parcels into the truck. No prize for guessing but this very technology enables the seller to have a smooth process of completing custom documentation and other order queries with the help of AI-powered chatbots.

2. AI-powered insurance

Insurance is another fragment of the automotive industry that is mandatory and cannot be given a miss. The insurance industry has adopted AI to keep a check on the risks involved in a real-time mode and expedites the filing process in the event of any untoward incident. AI works on the unbiased mode, letting insurance to be checked and assessed depending on the current factors and recent events rather than driving history.

3. Personalized marketing campaign

The very concept of AI technology has taken the world by storm, and that has not left the automotive sector even. However, within his sector, its excellence has enhanced marketing as well, wherein it not just boosts the efficiency of the campaigns but also predicts sales, growth forecasts, and the future of specific models based on economic, political, or environmental data. This further enables the customers and the sellers to prove the well-tailored recommendations based on their taste and the company’s sales.

4. Automated car manufacturing

The COVID-19 spread has given us a lesson that the sooner we get ourselves prepared for further epidemics and unknown diseases, the better it will be, as it wouldn’t halt our daily life. In the field of car manufacturing, it had been a great concern, when the current pandemic hit our world. But with the constant emergence of AI technology, there have been notable changes in the manufacturing divisions, where smart and wearable robots work in place of humans and can be managed and tracked from remote locations as well. These robots are the perfect recipe made up of AI and ML collaborated ingredients. They help in identifying any sort of defects in material or any other place, they alert the QA so the issue can be taken care of. Also, the AGV-Automated Guided Vehicle relies on AI sans human assistance, which further helps in assessing loaded objects, adjusting their routes, and delivering materials.

5. Predictive maintenance

Maintenance is the biggest factor for any of us and helps us to keep a record of our vehicle’s health at large. With the AI this process turns out to be a game changer, where it simply assesses the data to detect the problem, which is likely to affect the vehicle. This predictive maintenance brings the ease of preventing sudden failures when vehicles are already run on the road, and bring comfort at its best.

6. Efficient driver monitoring

It is a disturbing element for most of the drivers to capture every single detail around while driving. There had been certain software previously as well in the market that helped in bringing out the details, but were not proven as effective. However, AI has brought ease, letting the driver learn if his vehicle is adjusting well, or if the mirrors, the temperature is regulated for the driver and other passengers in the car. Surprisingly, AI software further analyzes the upper body position during an accident and helps in adjusting the airbag deployment so no harm takes place.

7. AI- a blessing for drivers

Well, many of us raise questions that how AI can be proven beneficial for the drivers? You would be surprised to know that autonomous driving is creating a stir in the market, by offering AI-powered driver assistance. It helps vehicles to monitor sensors and can instantly respond to danger and alerts a driver, further it also enables drivers to take emergency brake or take emergency control of the vehicle. No prize for guessing but this very technology has proven its worth in navigation, where it gives a successful hand in blind-spot monitoring, which simply makes a driver comfortable with the ride.

What future has in store???

Our present is and the future will be dictated by Technology at large, and there is no denial of this fact. However, when it comes to thinking of a particular technology usage amid different industries and businesses, then trust me there is not just one fragment of the thought, but multiple that ooze out. In simple words, technology will rise and shine beyond imagination even.

And to be précised with the AI, no limit can be experienced, as this very technology is extending its vision as per the requirements and demands of the users (sic). So let’s hope for the best to catch the deal in its best shape and size that fits our dreams.

Final thoughts

Well, you should not forget that this blog post aimed to give a clear indication of AI technology integration within the automotive industry, and its transformation is immense with a high-level of potential. 

The advancement in this very sector is likely to bring many exciting opportunities for both big fishes and startups. Just keep our chin up and let’s hope for the best to occur with a promising medley of AI and the automotive market.

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