Landing Page Conversion Rates

How Animated Video Raises Up Landing Page Conversion Rates?

Did you know by adding videos on landing pages, it can boost conversions by 90%? In relevancy to this details, we realize many facts but we will tell you only the practical ones. How and why do conversion rates increased through animated videos. We will tell you how the important factors about how it is done. So let’s start,

  1. Visual Data can process quickly into human mind.

People remember visual data as compare to text and they are processed rapidly in the human brain. This is scientific fact but what does it have to do with increase conversion rate? This is one of strongest facts that an animated video will provide solid benefits on landing page and boost landing page conversion rates. The visitors will have the clarity to know your product or services in a better way. Its features and how it is beneficial for them to purchase it.  Once the users learn about your brand, product and its advantages, they can make a more firm decision for buying it.  If your website contains exaggerated text, the results of accomplishing good landing page conversions rates would be impossible, no matter how outstanding it is written.  For higher landing page conversions rates, get help from animated videos services to provide you with a mind-catching video.

  1. The voiceover plays an essential role as a virtual salesperson

Let it be a human voice over or a narration, it is connecting directly with the users in the animated video and helping them in an assuring way. Relevantly, when a user watches your landing page video, the voiceover is personally linking with every visitor. Even if the product description is critical and hard to understand, the virtual sales person makes it easier for the user to know its effectiveness. Your animated video on landing page will be a platform where your virtual sales person will communicate directly to the user and provide them with prospects and information about the product. For this, planning a solid video script which would strength the final purchasing decision.

  1. Motion visuals demand attention

According to psychologist, human brains are naturally programmed to give focused attention towards noise and visuals. Video content has proven this fact as 79% of the consumers prefer watching a video rather than reading a text. The video can have music, movements and animated characters to catch the attention and lets them engage. This is how companies benefit by adding landing page videos to grab customers towards your products and turns them into promising buyers.

Useful facts about landing page conversion rates: 

- According to sources, an average user stays 88% on a website with video content. 

- As per to Orion21, landing pages which contains video content, the conversion rates are 800% increased on the page as compared to a landing page without a video. 

- In 2020, viewers remember 95% of a video content whereas 10% remembrance rate through text. 

Short Videos Get More Attention

When a user was surfing for a product or service online and came through an animated video of 45-90 seconds of a brand explaining their services, they watch it with curiosity as to what the product or service is? How is it beneficial for them? Why they should consider buying it? And so on. When a call to action is attached by the end of the video, it is possible the user would click and land on your website to know more about your brand. Therefore, many brands are focusing on producing engaging videos which can attract customer attention. 

All Hail to the Powerful Script 

Animated videos are fun, entertaining and informative, but they also hold a persuasive and strong script attached to it for user attention. When the backbone of the script is powerful, a company landing page conversion rates will increase automatically. An excellent animated video script develops confidence in the consumer’s mind and lets them respond to it. 

Now you must know how an animated video raises up landing page conversion rates. However, if the animated videos are boring and cheesy, then it would make the customer feel bored and leave the page.

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