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YouTube SEO: How To Increase Rank High YouTube Videos in 2019

Amazing, how to increase rank high Youtube videos in YouTube and Google Search Engine ?In This Post Of AFFILIATE MARKETING journey we will understand YOU TUBE SEO,YOU TUBE PROMOTION and the most powerful evergreen THE VIDEO JEDI FUNNEL.This post will take you the other level of AFFILIATE MARKETING success , as this is all about making instant money and free organic traffic online,without spending a single penny.So, hold your nerves and get started to make your first dollor online.

Amazing, how to increase rank high Youtube videos in YouTube and Google Search Engine In 2019 ? In This Post Of AFFILIATE MARKETING journey you will understand YOUTUBE SEO , YOUTUBE PROMOTION and the most powerful evergreen THE VIDEO JEDI FUNNEL.

This post will take you the other level of AFFILIATE MARKETING success , as this is all about making instant money and free organic traffic online,without spending a single penny. So, hold your nerves and get started to make your first dollor online.

What if i told you that you could quit you jobs  and live a life of your dreams through AFFILIATE MARKETING ?

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Yeah it's true ! Some time back ,I also was in your shoes ,but not anymore .

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Moving ahead from all our previous posts ,today  we will understand ,easy profit multiplier,money making ,most powerfull  and evergreen THE VIDEO JEDI FUNNEL.

Get ready as this method will make you money .


  1. Make A Review Video
  2. A Screen Recording Software
  3. Upload To Youtube
  4. Keyword Selection
  5. Youtube SEO
  6. Bonus Page


Just pick the product ,which you selcted to promote through your AFFILIATE LINK , ask for the review access or generic access  of the product from the vendor. Go through the product yourself first ,while exploring the product make a review video of the product so that you could briefly explains the pros,cons and the review what you thinks about the product.This could easily relate to the visitor,and he could have a clear mind about what the product is all about and how helpfull it is to him.

Always promote the product ,which provides value or solve the problems of the vistiors.


While exploring the product you can use many free screen recording softwares easily available on the wide INTERNET market .

Like , , or you can search many more.These softwares will help you in recording the screen of your system while exploring the product and making the review video from that.


This is surely one the best free traffic generating platforms on SOCIAL MEDIA and in AFFILIATE MARKETING.Uploading your review video on YOUTUBE will gather lots of free and organic traffic , but only after performing and implimenting  right keyword selection and proper YOUTUBE SEO .


All the game is of selecting right KEYWORDS . While uploading your review video on youtube you must perform with right and proper keywords ,to boost your rank and getting right targeted traffic.

Lets dive into brief......

#Step 5 :-YOUTUBE SEO :

  1. Shortlist Keywords 
  2. Title Of Youtube Video
  3. Description Of You tube Video
  4. Tags
  5. Meta of Video

 This 6 step method is the base of YOUTUBE SEO and to perform your video at its best by ranking on the top and capturing the right targeted traffic at its most.


Shortlisting keywords would be simple to understand and should always be there.....


Product Name Review ( This should be the main keyword , as we are promoting REVIEW video of the product ).

  1. Product Name Reviews
  2. Product Name


Benifits Of The Product 1.

Benifits Of The Product 2. 

Benifits Of The Product 3 . ETC........

Secondry keywords are easily find in suggestions of search bar of YOUTUBE itself  .

For example,if you search AFFILIATE MARKETING in search bar of youtube ,it auto shows some suggestions or keywords already searched by the users like AFFILIATE MARKETING IN HINDI ,AFFILIATE MARKETING TUTORIALS,AFFILIATE MARKETING COURSES IN INDIA,AFFILIATE MARKETING MAKES MONEY...... 

This is how you could easily find secondry keywords on YOUTUBE itself.


After shortlisting the keywords ,your fisrt priority should be a proper TITLE of the video .

Your primary keyword should be the title of the video like "Product Name Review  " .This would appear as the title ,where ever your review video is flashed.


Write some proffessional discriptive text , Telling about the reviews , pros and cons of the product in short .Also add your primary and secondry keyword ,redirecting to your AFFILIATE LINK and mention about some free bonuses also.

Like ,  " You can get more information,detailed reviews and some cool bonuses here ( Your AFFILIATE LINK ) .

By this you redirect the visitor to your LANDING PAGE and this result in leads.This  YOUTUBE SEO optimised thing.

#Step 4 :-TAGS :

Just enter your primary , secondry and product related keywords in the tags. Not thousands of tags are necessary only 10 to 15 tags will do.Be professional and all tags should be related to the product and product review ( Short List The Keywords Smartly ).

#Step 5 :-META OF VIDEO :

When ever you export or save videos recorded by above mentions free softwares in your system,it always ask for the name of the video to be saved.That name which you enter to save your video in your system is called META of the video.It should not be too generic , always use your primary keyword as a title or meta or name of the video first time exported or saved to your system through the video recording software.For ex.. " Product Name Review " .

You may not know this ,but you tube read the meta,so always save the video by the name of primary keyword of the product .

#Step 6 :-CTA ( CALL TO ACTION ) :

How do you give CALL TO ACTIONS in you tube ? 

In you tube , Call To Actions is done through CARDS . It's a free feature of you tube and works both on mobile and desktops.

Just go the settings and enable cards,then clicking on cards go to links and enter the URL direct associated to your website,Landing Page or your AFFILIATE LINK.

This will create a card button with good image and your redirect link .You can place this button 4 to 5 times in a video for call to action and this results in more leads and sales.

" THUMBNAIL " is the front picture of the review video.It should be catchy and value providing.For ex..thumbnail of your video should be like ' You Need To Know This Before Buy This ' , this will attract the atention of the visitor and surely you are describing about reviews,pros and cons of the product in the video in brief.THUMBNAIL is pretty much important for the ranking of your video.

For preparing Thumbnail or Front page of the video you can use free websites like .

Save the changes and upload the video .....Your video is ready to rock and catch the attention of the market .It will start ranking very high immideatly.

As all the KEYWORD selection part , YOUTUBE SEO part And promotion part is done properly.

After all this is done here comes :


After your visitior is redirected to the landing page of your AFFILIATE LINK through your review video ,some cool and exclusive bonuses should be there to atrract the visitior , and making him pitch to buy product from your AFFILIATE LINK .

These free bonuses could be easily find on INTERNET through some free websites like , and many more.

So , you are all set to rock the market. ( Giving Bonuses Differ You From Other AFFILIATES ) .

Motive of this EVERGREEN VIDEO JEDI FUNNEL In AFFILIATE MARKETING is to catch free organic long term traffic,building your EMAIL list and most importantly Multiply your profits and making GOOD MONEY with NO EXPENCE.

Hope this entire free method of ganing traffic and making money instantly is clear and easy to react for you.

Motive of these posts related to AFFILIATE MARKETING are providing ridiculously researched , deepest , freshest and most usable resources as possible. 

So , Just take a start, quit your jobs and makes your dreams comes true...

Just be connected , motivated and importantly start implimenting ...

Feel free to ask anything in the comment section below.


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Thanks for Your Precious Presence."

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