The top 3D modeling tools and software programs for 2019

Animation has now gained global popularity so you can just assume that it has become a worldwide phenomenon and those who do not use animation, whether 2D or 3D

Animation has now gained global popularity so you can just assume that it has become a worldwide phenomenon and those who do not use animation, whether 2D or 3D, in their marketing campaigns or on social media itself, face many difficulties to be renowned among their audience. However, 3D animations are not your plain explainer video animation but are a lot more different and difficult to render.

Certainly, you cannot use a tool for making 2D animations and use them to create a 3D animation or model since the tools and software programs for 3D modeling are a lot different and expensive. To dig deeper into the realm of 3D modeling software, here are the best tools and programs you can try out in 2019.


Houdini has been recognized as a widely popular tool worldwide and it can be considered as a top competitor for Autodesk Maya. Many 3D animated movies have been created using Houdini so you can just assume how popular this tool would be. TV VFX has also benefited from Houdini as it contains all the tools and features you need to excel in the industry of VFX simulations. Many digital artists have begun to rely on the tool since it does sound and seem confusing at first however, eventually when you get a grasp over it; it becomes very flexible and easy to use.

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk has created many great tools but Maya is a modeling tool that has been solely made for 3D visuals and animations. Several animation and production industries have used Maya for the creation of famous and top notch movies however, do not fret as Maya can be used on a commercial and personal domain as well. The product itself is a bit costly but the subscription plan ranges to a yearly basis so if you pay $1782/year then it is a great bargain.

Cinema 4D

There are just some tools and software programs that you just cannot set aside and Cinema 4D is one such 3D modeling software that both novice animators and professionals can rely on and use. You should not be scared of its complicated interface as it only takes a few lessons and tries to get a hang over the tool and all of its features. It certainly is costly but not as expensive as Maya. The subscription and pricing plans are divided according to skill and difficulty levels so if you find a plan that fits your current skill level, just choose it.


The aforementioned tools do not offer a permanent license but Modo does. For $1799, you can get to use the tool forever. Minor updates are scheduled but of course, you would not have to pay for all those updates. If you do not want to pay so much money at once, you can choose to pay $599/year but that just will be a bit costly in the long run. The features Modo offers are mostly based on 3D modeling that ranges from creating 3D surfaces from scratch to character designing.

3ds Max

Some modeling software is meant for Windows, some for Mac and some work on both but 3ds Max, a product by Autodesk has been created to solely work for Windows operating system. The subscription plans vary according to the region you belong to but as for the US, you have to pay $1782/year for the yearly subscription model. Since the tool is from Autodesk and they are also the creators of Maya but experts have said that 3ds Max is much easier and simpler to use as compared to Maya.


Now you might be shocked to know this but Blender is an open source and FREE 3D modeling tool that does not ask for any additional charges. The features and tools that Blender offers are free and yet the quality is as good as of a professional software program. You can render 3D visuals and make unlimited edits but you will not be charged for any edit you make. The open source nature of the tool has also made it a prime candidate for many animation and production houses.


While the tool ZBrush might not be as popular as the tools we have mentioned already but it is still a worthy mention. This is not a tool but an app that lets you create 3D visuals in the same quality as any other tool would let you. The UI and all the tools you need are placed in a relevant manner so you can easily access each. The app is solely for modeling 3D visuals so do not assume that you would be able to create static and 2D content using ZBrush too.

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