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Tik Tok VS Like App, Which is More Fun?

ReputableApp now will write and compare about Tik Tok VS LIKE App. Along with the development of the technological age, there are now more and more variations of social media spread across various parts of the world, especially for young people.

History of Tik Tok

ReputableApp now will write and compare about Tik Tok VS LIKE App. Along with the development of the technological age, there are now more and more variations of social media spread across various parts of the world, especially for young people. Moreover, nowadays the speed of the internet throughout the world has also increased. So it is not surprising that many developers are competing to create social media applications for the entertainment needs of internet users.

However, today's social media does not all have features in making videos while editing them to become interesting and funny videos. But there is one application that is currently viral in various worlds, the Tik Tok application. Maybe you are already familiar with this application from China, because in a short time, this unique video maker application is increasingly favored by internet users, especially young people, including in Indonesia.

At the time of launch, the Tik Tok application was only available in Chinese and was only popular in China. But as the application became more popular, the developers finally launched the Tik Tok application using English, so other countries could enjoy it too.

Actually, what is the Tik Tok application?

Why is it so viral in several countries including Indonesia?

Tik Tok application is an application that is used to record, edit, and upload it to several social media, so that it can be seen by your friends. What distinguishes it is the Tik Tok application has a variety of features that you can enjoy making your videos. The existence of special effects in making videos, of course, will give you the unique video you made so that it becomes an interesting video.

That way, you can make short videos that are very interesting to show to others. Not that it's only a short duration, your video can't be famous. As long as you make it with interesting and edited content with a unique look, of course your video will be easily known to people and can become famous.

To give more support in making interesting videos, the Tik Tok application is also equipped with music or song features as a back sound and the number of songs available in the application is also quite diverse so you can adjust it to the video content you want to create, start from the songs of famous DJs, western songs, dance songs, popular songs, and many more.

Various kinds of Tik Tok features that can be enjoyed by users

tik tok vs like

With the availability of music or song features, it will certainly make users more creative in making videos, such as dancing, singing, freestyle, and much more you can do with these features. Of course it becomes something interesting to try, right?

Not only is the feature of giving music or songs that you can enjoy, because thanks to the support of ByteDance developers who are famous for their intelligence technology, you can use very unique and funny facial features. With this facial feature, you can make a video with a very unique look from a spooky, funny, embarrassing, to interesting face. Of course your video will attract the attention of others, right?

This face recognition feature is already familiar, especially for users of social media or who are used to using this feature in other applications. So this feature quickly became a popular feature in the Tik Tok application.

Not only are the three features above famous, because recently the developer Tik Tok released their new feature, which is Tik Tok Gaga Dance. Tik Tok is indeed used to make videos, but it doesn't hurt you to try this interesting feature.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

This new feature has Artificial Intelligence (AI), better known as artificial intelligence, so you can enjoy motion sensing on your smartphone. What do you mean, huh?

So, if you use this feature, you will be invited to play and dance like the Just Dance application. The Tik Tok Gaga Dance feature will make you dance according to what is instructed by the feature. When you are dancing, the sensor in this feature will read your dance movements and when the dance is finished, this feature will provide results that will later be displayed on the smartphone screen.

You who use Tik Tok Gaga Dance must adjust the body from head to toe with the scanner sensor located on the screen of your smartphone to be able to read the sensor correctly. Then, you just adjust the movements and try to get the highest score so that you win from your other friends. Of course by using this feature you will not feel bored when you are not active.

That's a review of the Tik Tok Followers application, which is currently viral in several parts of the world, including Indonesia. Of course this one application can entertain you and others. But keep in mind, use this application wisely, because many people have started using it with video results that embarrass themselves and make others uncomfortable.

Like Tik Tok, this application is equipped with 300 unique effects

Besides Tik Tok, there is also a similar video sharing application called LIKE. Interestingly this application has more than 300 unique effects. So this article is created with title Tik Tok VS LIKE App. We test both of them.

Some of them are the effects of doing magic by using the Augmented Reality (AR) system and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manipulate body shape from the tip of the hair to the tip of the foot and provide a make up effect and remove stains.

Then there's 4D Magic that allows users to use backgrounds and dynamic effects. Then Music Magic identifies and selects music backgrounds while matching special effects to any sound.

Filtering And Reporting System

LIKE even has a filtering and reporting system that is integrated with AI technology. In addition to relying on AI, human monitoring is also done manually (7x24 hours) to build ecosystems and quality content.

"The LIKE application is committed to forming a healthy and creative short video community for young people. AI technology and magic effects independently developed allow all users to show their talents and creativity, "said Aaron Wei, BIGO Technology's Senior Vice President as the parent of the venture through his written statement on Friday (07/07/2018).

In addition to the team in Indonesia, the LIKE application also has a Research and Development (R & D) center in Singapore which is currently recruiting a group of 100 AI experts and engineers to monitor video content. Tik Tok VS LIKE App? Lol which is more fun? Let see the comparison below.

Promoting Content Quality

This R & D center is also responsible for the progress and quality of company content. This AI system will delete all negative video content uploaded by users.

In addition to a comprehensive content control system, LIKE also allows users to create unique and super creative content with various magic effects.

Since its launch 11 months ago, the application aimed at users aged 16 years and over is claimed to have become one of the most popular short video communities among young people in Indonesia.

Launched in August 2017, LIKE has more than 50 million users in more than 200 countries.

The platform has also been awarded the title 'The Best Social App', 'The Most Popular App,' 'The Most Entertaining App' at the Google Play Awards 2017 and topped the Apple App Store in the United States, Russia, and India.

Tik Tok VS LIKE App Comparison Table

Tik Tok & Like Comparison Table
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