beeswax candles


Bring home these cute triangle pillar gold beeswax candles and soak yourself in the festivities this season. The candles are clean, lightly filtered and made from 100% beeswax.




Beeswax Pillar candles, are handmade with 100 percent natural beeswax and crafted by experts in factories, are perhaps the best long-burning, smokeless and dripless candles that you can purchase for home use.

The goal is to create long-lasting beeswax candles that have the best of both worlds. A good product that is easy on your pocketbook and yet gives the best of both worlds, a true candle!

  1. Beeswax Pillars candles are handmade with a special heat treatment process, which allows us to make them very durable, very long burning and very safe.
  1.  These candles are used in restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants, motels, inns, and private homes as well as the more commercial establishments.
  1. The beeswax is melted and poured into a mold making it a much easier process and produces a candle that does not tend to burn off or have a hard time starting. 

100 %Beeswax Candles are also known for being one of the best candles in the world.

  1. Beeswax candles are hand made using a specialized process, the beeswax is pressed from natural beeswax in factories to make a perfect candle that has been designed to last for a very long time.
  1. Pillar Candles uses a special process to heat the wax and keep it in the proper liquid form. When the wax is heated through a special procedure, it can hold its shape better and do not allow the wick to become brittle.
  1. The pillar candles are made with all of the right qualities of wax to make them long-lasting, safe, and reliable for use. Pillar Candles are made with natural materials. 

7. There is no need to worry about the quality of the candles because these products are 100 percent natural beeswax with no coloring or chemical fillers. This ensures that our Pillar candles will give you a pleasant experience every time you light them.

8. The color of these candles is also important to consider. This is not the case with many other candles as many people choose to use the same color for all of their candles.

9. Our Pillar candles are made to be a very unique style of candle that is pleasing to look at. They come in many different colors to match any decor and they are also designed with a very unique design to keep the candle looking its best.

9. Another thing that we take great care of when we make our candles is the scent that they leave behind. There is no need to worry about the smell of our candles being overpowering.

10. These candles are made using the highest quality ingredients so they are guaranteed to leave your home smelling like the day that you lit them.

If you want to add a little pheromone to your life then the Beeswax Pillars is sure to help you.


Pillar Candles are great gifts for everyone on your list or to surprise someone special. You can also send your candle as a Christmas gift or for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or baby showers.

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