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How ATP (Any Time Payment) Kiosks and mobile apps are redefining digitalization

While ATP may seem like a popular expression, apps like XPay Life have brought innovation to the buzzword through Kiosks machines. Cash based Kiosk machines have enabled payments and purchases easier for rural India.

It's an obvious fact that innovation is changing our day by day lives. According to Gartner’s research, by 2020, there will be 20.4 billion associated items on the planet – 10 percent of which will include a payment function. Therefore, customers will have chances to make more purchases through the ATP Kiosks, mobile apps or gadgets that they connect with consistently, further changing the shopping experience and making trading more open than at any time!

While ATP may seem like a popular expression, apps like XPay Life have brought innovation to the buzzword through Kiosks machines. Cash based Kiosk machines have enabled payments and purchases easier for rural India. Today, you can do an Online Mobile Recharge, pay electricity bills on time through AI based reminders or even switch on the refrigerator with a voice based command. Hence, mobile apps and payments have brought us to a digital scenario where comfort is guaranteed.  It's the integration of payment into these IoT-empowered items, or even smartphones, that has changed the face of digitalization.

Encouraging Millennials to use digital revolving solutions

Many people have experienced the benefit of invisible payments through Fastags and Online Landline Bill Pay. Easily portable gateways and digital wallets has motivated millennials in and around India to enter the online payment zone. IoT(Internet Of Things) is as of now changing customary payment techniques and these applications are just the start. Customers are attracted to the “Anytime, anywhere” model that will further simplify and innovate their lives. However, FinTechs and retailers must understand that these possibilities are not successful without the trust of the audience. The innovation of new payment methods are energizing, yet it is also imperative that interest in security and prevention of frauds is vital. 

When it comes to the future of payments, one of the most powerful sectors will be the utility payments sector. Online Electricity Bill Payment. Imagine moving from one place to another and still being able to rent a flat or live in an independent house without any hassle of running for electricity or fuel. Everything is right at the comfort of your home. These types of payment segments have encouraged Indians to shift between cities or states, and still ensure their money is securely deposited without any breach of trust. 

Bringing tech into rural India

Whether it is a Gas Bill Payment Online for their own little home or payment of interests for their agricultural loan, ATP Kiosk machines and mobile vans have gifted rural India a new payment scenario. Majority of Indian rural population still cannot afford a smartphone or a tech computer, hence, for them the value of physical money (liquid cash) is higher than any other digital form. Hence, mobile van payment facilities have connected thousands of rural villages and introduced innovation through fintech strategies.

A need of the hour for senior citizens 

While the facts do say that seniors are not on an equal page with millennials when it comes to internet knowledge, many latest researches have indicated otherwise. Practically 70% of 65 or more years old people all over the world today have greater web exposure than others. Using digital apps for LIC Online Bill Payment or municipal taxes, has created a hassle-free atmosphere for elderly parents, especially those who are retired and desire to live a healthy and happy life ahead. 

Educating the younger generation

COVID 19 halted the idea of physical schooling and forced children and teachers into the digital zone of smartphone classes. With digital payments that help in Pay broadband bill, many students in and around the city could get access to their classes and prepare for their academic projects for the coming year. Hence, mobile apps could help secure their future in terms of education. 

As digitally empowered apps become progressively intertwined with buyer’s' day by day lives, the customer experience should be researched comprehensively, with the objective of interconnecting all parts of customers' lives. And to get that, it requires coordinated efforts from numerous market innovators to convey an effectively consistent, future-forward idea. 

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