How Businesses Can Make Business Travel Less Taxing For Their Employees?

Imagine yourself as a new employee in a company and your boss telling you that you will be accompanying him on the next business trip.

Imagine yourself as a new employee in a company and your boss telling you that you will be accompanying him on the next business trip. What will be your reactions? You will be excited but there is also a sense of fear because you have not been to corporate trips before. Then there are back to back meetings with stakeholders, speaking at conferences, delivering presentations in front of large audiences and much more that could eliminate all the excitement you initially had.

In this article, you will learn how businesses can make corporate travel less of an hassle for your employees.

1. Avoid Red Eye Flights

When you travel across different time zones, your sleep cycle gets disturbed. Jet lag from a long flight can make matters even worse. To cope up with this challenge most businesses tend to opt for red eye flight which put lot of strain on employee’s health as they have to travel in the wee hours of the night. As a result, they don’t get enough sleep and feel drowsy even when they reach the desired destination. You don’t want your employees to be lethargic and drowsy in an important business meeting or showing signs of sleepless nights during a presentation.

2. Plan Early

Imagine your boss telling you that you will be accompanying him on the next business trip which would begin in couple of day’s time. What’s worse, you will have to make all the arrangements from booking airline tickets to hotel rooms to arranging transport. Instead of making your employees rush through the booking process, plan your business trip weeks in advance and offer your employees enough time to make the right choices for travel itineraries.

Additionally, this minimizes the risk of making mistakes as they have enough time for making all the arrangements. Another important factor is of cost. When you book your trip weeks in advance you can enjoy savings on everything from air tickets to hotel rooms as they tend to be cheaper when booked couple of weeks before departure. You never know you might end up saving enough money to enjoy a dhow cruise marina dinner in Dubai.

3. Offer Them Extra Days To Relax

Many businesses are offering few extra days for their employees to relax after the business trip. They extend their business trip by couple of days and allow their employees few extra days to enjoy and refresh themselves. This helps them to overcome stress and anxiety of a business trip. Allow them to take yacht rental in Dubai and relax in the calm waters or let them take part in activities they are interested in before returning back home. They will thank you for that and will give it their best shot when they return to work. These small steps can make a big difference.

4. Educate Your Employees

To ensure that your employees don’t end up spending more than allocated budget on business trip, you need to educate your employee and make them understand your company’s travel policy. Tell them about the consequences of overspending on business trips and they will surely refrain from it when they are on their next business trip. This will help them develop a clear understanding of what is covered by company and what is not. You can also invest in stress management programs to help your employees cope up with stress in a better way during your business trip. Once they know, how to deal with stress, they will perform much better at everything they do on corporate trips. Provide them the support they need on business trips.

5. Save Them from Paperwork

The days when you have to submit paper based documents for everything from passports to visas, tickets to hotel rooms are long gone. Today, you can do that with a unified platform that help you manage all your travel needs from a single dashboard. If you are not fan of a centralized platform, you can book everything separately using mobile apps. This saves you from the hassle of paperwork, saves your time and offer convenience that business travelers are looking for. No employees wants to dealing with dozens of documents so as a business it is important to digitize the whole traveling planning and booking process to make your employees lives easier.

How do you make business travel less of a hassle for your employees? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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