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Plan Your Perfect COVID Gateway with the Top-Rated Domestic Travel Packages

You need to maintain specific safety measures to travel across the country during COVID. Here are the top safe places in India to travel now with the best domestic travel packages available in the market.

The travel enthusiasts have been waiting for this moment to come since March 2020. Due to the attack of the coronavirus, the entire world went into a strict lockdown period. As a result, every place had to close its doors to the tourists to control the spread of the diseases across the global platform. It has been declared a global pandemic, limiting the movement of every individual across the border.

However, with the lockdown period coming to an end, the entire world took a deep breath of sigh and started planning their upcoming trips to the COVID-free zones. But these all require certain rules to follow. One needs to be cautious about the places, be clear about their travel purposes, and maintain travel safety protocols.

The government has issued several travel guidelines for those already making plans to stay at distant places and enjoy their vacation as they still work in a "work from home" set-up. Most of the destinations in India offer you drivable vacations to start with. But, to get the maximum pleasure to safely drivable getaways, you need to find a decent travel partner for yourself.

A travel partner can be a professional or a travel company ready to provide you premium accommodation at fair prices even during this condition. The travel company would have appropriate vacations ready for its clients in the safest places within the country. These places are the perfect blend for the ones who are looking for completing their assignments and projects in the lap of Mother Nature.

But the question lies as to which places are still safe to travel to during this pandemic situation? Well, here are some of the safest gateways present in this country who are welcoming the guests with an open heart and offer you maximum protection during this period:

  • Surajkund 

Also known as the Peacock Lake or The Lake of the Sun, this one is your perfect gateway destination who wants to come out of their city life. It offers you a delightful beauty, and one can enjoy the complete scenic drive to this artificial, humanmade lake at any time. To get to these places, search the affordable domestic travel packages available in the market.

The place lies in the vicinity of the city border of the country’s capital. People who are tired of being confined to their four walls can arrange for a car to drive long this place almost any time.

It offers you a majestic scenic drive to the lake and helps you release your stress and anxiety. It offers you the perfect excuse to drive along with solo as you get through the city trails and enter into the humanmade lake region, which remains around 22.2 km away from New Delhi.

In case you are a nature lover or a photograph enthusiast, do not forget to get your camera as your travel partner. Capture the Aravalli hills' pictures in the backdrop and the amphitheater-shaped embankment constructed in semi-circular form.

  • Damdama Lake

If you are based in the country’s capital region, then Damdama Lake in the Sohna district is an ideal destination for your weekend gateway. Get ready to enjoy your holidays on wheels, which offers you a splendid view of the Aravalli Hills.

The place is situated at 46.6km from New Delhi, which offers you a glimpse of around 90 species of migratory birds.

If you aren't in the mood for any adventures, the place is still ideal for spending lazy afternoons and evenings with home-cooked meals watching the marvellous sunsets across the hills. Some of the activities to try out here include kayaking, cycling, parasailing, rock climbing, bird watching, valley crossing, nature walks, etc.

  • Jawhar

Another mesmerizing gateway awaits you around 120.7km away from Mumbai. It is an unexplored hill station that offers you a pleasant view of the monsoons in Maharashtra. You get to drive through the breezy weather and explore the place's quaint views without the worry of contracting any diseases.

Fresh air, cool environment, and no risk of COVID make this place an ultimate one for you. The travellers can also experience short walks through the enchanting waterfall as Dabhosa, a short hike to the temples around, and capture these timeless beauties with the valley's outstanding view in the backdrop.

  • Manchanabele Dam

So, if you are still stuck with your work from home scenes in Bengaluru, then Manchanabele Dam awaits your arrival now.

The dam is built on the tranquil Arkavati River and offers the perfect drive away from Bengaluru's rush. It is around 36 km away from the city and offers you a breath-taking journey as you get through the clear water and get an amazing view of the panoramic sky. Along with that, get your camera ready to capture the brilliant combination of the orange and the red reflection of the setting sun on the clear water of the river.

  • Haldighati

Another weekend drive gateway that lies around 40 km away from Udaipur is Haldighati. It is one of India's famous historical places that offers you a plethora of layers to explore as you roam around with your camera. The place might not be fully known to all. So, in case you have been wondering about a nice place to roam around after the lockdown phase, this one is ideal for you.

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