rename the printer in windows 10

How Can I rename the printer in windows 10: Instant Steps?

Rename the printer in windows 10

The Printers has become essential for businessmen and with the help of this amazing device they can do all their work with proficiency and delicacy. But, if you use this device continuously without undergoing its timely maintenance and service, then the result can be perilous. There are numerous problems that users face while using it such as how to rename the printer in windows 10? The steps are hereby mentioned in this blog post.Whether you run a small business that relies on just one printer or a large commercial enterprise with multiple printers to help you print, scan, and share crucial business documents across various departments; having reliable printing equipment is vital to the success of your business. Whether we need a device to dwindle our office work-pressure or to complete our college theses with perfection, the gadgets like Smartphone’s, Printers, Laptop, and Scanners provide a noteworthy platform to us.

Amazing Steps to rename the printer in windows 10

Some of the steps to rename the printer in windows 10 are given below

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Use the Windows Key + I shortcut.
  3. Type the Devices category
  4. Choose the Printers and scanners tab on the left.
  5. Hit on the printer that you had liked to adjust.
  6. Now, choose the Manage button
  7. If you are unable to see yours listed, ensure that the printer should be setup properly.
  8. On the resulting screen, you have to choose the option of Printer properties.
  9. Now, the new dialogue with all sorts of options for your printer appears before you.
  10. On the General tab, you have to rename the name, next to the printer icon.
  11. Now, add a Location and Comment if that helps you further distinguish printers.
  12. Hover left-click on the Windows Start menu.
  13. From the menu, you have to tap on Settings
  14. In the Settings window, select the option of Devices.
  15. Go to the Devices window, and choose the option of Printers and Scanners.
  16. Now, Scroll through the list of printers and tap on the one whose name you have to change.
  17. Hit on the Manage button and choose Printer properties.
  18. A new window will appear for the chosen printer.
  19. Move to the General tab.
  20. There will be a box that displays the current name of the printer.
  21. Hit on the inside of this box, and delete the current name, and type in your preferred name for the printer.
  22. Once a name has been chosen and typed in, you can tap on the OK button toward the bottom of the Window.

And if still in case you want any kind of guidance related to how to rename the printer in windows 10, from the representatives, then kindly call them or reach to them anytime. It is totally a free of cost customer service for the common users. Any person can avail this facility just by sitting at their homes itself.

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