Kaeser Compressor

How Can Kaeser Compressor Help Your Rice Mill?

Kaeser Compressor is a machine with world-renowned sigma profile technology it is highly energy-efficient, soundless, requires minimal maintenance, extremely reliable and delivers the best in air quality.

The cultivation of rice was one of the most important events in the history of humans. Rice is an important food crop in India and also the second most important crop in the world. Basically, we use major energy-consuming types of equipment in the rice milling units; boilers, pumps, elevators, compressors. Most of the rice mills use locally available technologies and are also dependent on local technicians. Though a wide variety of technologies has been evolved for efficient use of energy for various equipment of rice mills. So far, only a few have improved their energy efficiency levels.

Let me share one of the technologies, which is the Kaeser compressor, a machine used in the plant to optimize the process of rice.

 Kaeser Compressor a machine with the world-renowned sigma profile technology that has been evolved for efficient use of energy in rice mills. At present in rice mills, every country has been exploring the possibilities of reducing the consumption of energy.

In rice mills about two-thirds of the electricity is consumed in generating the mechanical power to operate boilers, pumps, conveyors, compressors and other machinery, but Kaeser compressor fulfills every requirement need in rice mill which is highly energy-efficient, soundless, require minimal maintenance, extremely reliable and deliver the best in air quality.


This Kaeser compressor is designed for the manufacturing process in the rice mill with more features and also an ultimate choice for the users who are in need of a longer duration of time.

Some Of The Features Of Kaeser Compressor Include:

  • The compressor is equipped with an energy-saving module which saves the energy up to 15% as compared with an ordinary rotor profile.
  • A compressor is designed in such a way to cater to the demands, reducing idle time and increasing efficiency.
  • Available with Refrigeration Dryer – Permanently Dry Compressed Air
  • Stainless Steel Condensate Separator
  • Electronic Condensate Drain


Optimized design: Kaeser compressor is user-friendly design throughout, Impressively compact which makes the user perfect choice for longer-term.

Service-friendly: Excellent accessibility in maintenance and service-relevant components minimizes maintenance effort and therefore costs.

Sigma Profile: Kaeser compressor is equipped with flow-optimized rotors for superior efficiency.

Sigma Control: Sigma control ensures efficient control and system monitoring with a large display and maximum security. Also, offer exceptional flexibility, the SD card slot makes updates quick and easy.

Sound Insulation: Panels lined with laminated mineral wool.

Cooling: Air-cooled; separate aluminum coolers for compressed air and fluid; fan.

Types Of Mills Engaged In Rice Processing:

There are two types of mills engaged in rice processing. They are conventional rice mills and modern rice mills, Let’s look at the process of units how they perform.

Conventional Rice Mills: Conventional rice mills are the units, in which the paddy processing is carried with an age-old technology that is inefficient and more manpower is required. Different activities like cleaning, drying, grading, polishing, etc. are carried out manually.

Modern Rice Mills: Modern rice mills are the units, in which the paddy processing is carried out with modern technology which is more efficient. The majority of the activities are carried out using machinery like driers, graders, polishers, compressors, etc.

Rice industry is one of the most energy-consuming industries, According to modern rice mill technology which is more efficient. The Majority of the work is carried out using machinery. Among them, a Kaser compressor is a machine to be installed at the plant which is more effective to optimize the process of rice.

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