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How can you buy a better second hand laptop?

To buy a better second hand laptop we need to do some research first and also have some basic knowledge on used laptops and new laptops.

We need to do research first because doing research can help us gain a lot of knowledge and help us to understand the whole process of buying a second hand laptop. Not all used laptops are good or worthy of money. To make your product worthy you need to know a lot of things, which can help you to buy a better laptop and your money spend on buying the laptop doesn’t go waste.

It is very necessary to buy a worthy laptop because you are spending a lot of money on buying used laptop and even more money on buying a new laptop. New laptops are completely new and you can buy a new laptop blindly but buying a used laptop, you have to be very careful because few people want to make fool of others by selling faulty or damaged product very cleverly and make your product worthless and because of these things people are still in doubt whether to buy a new laptop or used laptop.

Is it safe to buy a second hand laptop?

It is safe to buy a second hand laptop from a trusted seller. There is a little risk in buying a used laptop as few people scam people by selling poor quality or damaged products to get quick and easy money. But if we can be a little cautious while buying a pre-owned product then we can easily avoid buying the damaged or faulty product.

Many people buy used laptops without any research or knowledge and sill happy with their product because it is working fine and good with them and also leave some positive review too. Not every seller is a scammer few people are fooling the people and nowadays most of the trusted seller provides quality product at a budget-friendly price and some seller even provides warranty on the used product to assure the customer that the product is completely safe to use and if in case anything happens the seller will cover the cost of your repairing as it has a warranty.

Most of the customers are attracted to buy the used laptop due to low-cost pricing as you can save a lot of money and most of the sellers are providing warranties too on used product people are just going for the used product. But always remember laptops are being sold at a low cost due to some reasons and that reason might be someone is selling the laptop due to financial issue or planning to buy a new laptop or it might be a damaged, old or slow laptop. Be careful while buying a used item.

Benefits of buying used laptops

  • Savings

Buying a used laptop can help save a lot of money as second hand laptops are low in cost compared to the new ones. You can get used laptops at half the price of original laptops, it's like 50% off! And most of the used laptops for sale are in very good condition and you get what you pay for especially from a trusted seller.

  • Compatibility

There are a lot of misconceptions that buying a used laptop may be incompatible with the latest generation laptops, may not receive future updates or additional software updates as the laptop might be outdated but it is not. A lot of new and latest generation laptops are available for sale at low cost and also in very good condition without any compatibility issue.

  • Eco-Friendly

Buying a used laptop is good for the environment as we are using the same pre-owned laptop rather than a new one which will help in reducing carbon emission. Buying a used one is better than buying a new one because if we choose to buy a new one then, the old one will be another electronic waste.

  • Better Laptop

You can buy better and high specification laptops at a very low cost. For eg:- If you have a  budget for buying a low-configuration laptop then you can buy a used laptop having high specifications and the latest generation processor all within that same budget and in this way, one can be more benefited by buying a used one.

  • Warranty

Most of the sellers nowadays are selling used laptops with warranties same as the new laptops. Even if you get a damaged or faulty laptop then you can repair the laptop free of cost claiming the warranty and can use the laptop for a longer period without any worries.

What are refurbished laptops and why buy them?

Refurbished laptops are used laptops that were returned by the user to the retailer or manufacturer due to some hardware or technical issue and after receiving the laptop from the user the laptop is then thoroughly verified and checked for problems and after completely repairing the laptop it is again available for sale at a low cost than the actual price with warranty same as the new one.

These laptops are verified, checked, and verified by an authorized technician and have very little chance of having any problem or fault, and also available at a low cost. Buying Refurbished laptops online may not be as shiny as a new one but when it comes to performance and working conditions it is as good as a new one.

Buying a refurbished laptop not only saves a lot of money but also helps save the environment. Refurbished laptops can be easily available on best-classified sites easily and securely. But always remember to buy the laptop from a certified refurbished seller. Buying from a certified seller is the most safest and trusted way. There is very little risk buying from certified sellers as they provide a warranty with the product.

Risks of buying a used laptop

Many of the sellers sell refurbished laptops that are still defective or damaged laptops that are available for sale and the most interesting thing is that even if you have a warranty and after several repairs, there still might be problems on the laptop and you may not get a refund. So always buy from a trusted seller and avoid buying from a third-party seller and even if you are buying from a third-party seller be careful or clear all your queries before buying from them.

If it is not a refurbished laptop just a normal used laptop then check and verify each and everything very carefully. If you have bought a laptop from a trusted seller then you might have a warranty if from a third party seller then there is a very little chance of getting a warranty. If you face some serious problems then you have to repair the laptop using your own pocket money.

Basic problems faced by second hand laptop buyers buying from a third-party seller are battery backup is low, corrupted hardware, and very slow laptop as it might be infected with viruses or have low storage capacity and most common problems faced are increase in laptop temperature, loose USB ports and CD/DVD drives not working at all or not found.

Buying from a third-party seller you may not get any support or co-operation from the seller but buying from a trusted seller can help you claim your warranty without using money from your pocket.

Things to look out for while buying a second hand laptop

  1. Brand: There are a lot of brands out there in the market and choosing the right brand might be a difficult task but you can research on the internet which brand is the best and also check for which purpose you are about to buy the used laptop.
  2. Operating System: There are 2 most famous operating systems i.e. WINDOWS & macOS. It is very important to know on which operating system you want to work with or on which operating system you are comfortable or acquainted with or else using the used laptop with the OS that you are least acquainted with might be a bit of a problem.
  • Windows

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems running on more than 1 billion devices worldwide. Windows 10 is one of the most secure Windows ever. It comes with built-in protection for your data and it also comes with a firewall, secure boot, and file-level information loss-protection. It is best for gaming as well as for office purposes. It is very easy and user-friendly to use. It was developed in the year 1985.

  • macOS

macOS also runs on 1 billion devices and it is one of the most powerful operating systems that runs every mac. You can do certain things on the OS so easily that the same work cannot be done on other OS. It is specifically designed for the hardware it runs on. It works like a miracle with your iPhone and Apple Devices. It was developed in the year 2001.

  1. Processor: 2 manufacturers produce the fastest and the most powerful processors in the world i.e. INTEL & AMD. Processors are one of the most important things on a laptop. It is the thing that helps run the laptop. So choose the processor according to your usage for better performance. Suppose you are want to buy a second hand laptop for commercial use then a normal processor like i3 or i5 is enough if you want to do heavy work like rendering and video editing it is better to go for an i7 or i9 processor.
  • Intel

Intel is one of the most popular and recognized processors in the world. For normal usage i3 & i5 processors best, for heavy usage, i7 & i9 is enough to handle everything. Intel processors also including support for Thunderbolt 3, Intel Optane Memory, and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Intel continues to push the limitations of performance and reliability in both desktop and thin-and-light devices.

  • AMD

Although Intel has more brand recognition, AMD is the biggest competitor in the market. AMD has out-of-the-box capability that intel doesn’t have. It can overclock beyond the limit to provide great performance and it also provides better onboard graphics.

  1. Display: The display of the laptops depends upon two factors i.e screen size & resolution. Screen resolution range starts from 11-inch to 17-inches. But always remember larger the display lesser the display quality. For gaming, rendering, & editing photo large display is a better option. For normal and daily use the less resolution screen size is the best.  Do not forget to check the scratches and the display quality. Check the screen thoroughly by looking at the screen from different angles at low brightness as well as on high brightness.

Common Display Terms:

  • HD- High Definition 1280x720 pixels.
  • Full HD- 1920x1080 pixels.
  • 4K- Have approximately 4000 pixels and it 4 times as many pixels as 1920x1080.
  • UHD- Ultra HD is most commonly mistaken as 4K. The difference is 4K= 4096x2160 pixels & UHD= 3840x2160 pixels.
  • Retina- This term is used by Apple and refers to a minimum resolution of 2304x1440 pixels.
  1. Memory & Storage: Look out for high memory laptops for better performance and storage too. The higher the RAM capacity faster the performance. High RAM and in-build storage capacity helps perform the laptop better than the normal ones and gives a lag-free and smooth performance. It is also better to have high GPU memory which will help doing heavy workload more smoothly and easily. It helps runs high-end games at the highest resolution more easily. Give more priority to SSD-based memory than HDD-based because SSDs are faster than HDDs.
  2. Quality: Always look for laptops that are tuff inside and out and the build quality should be very good and the laptop should not be too bulky as it may be heavy and may not be very good for carrying around. Look for a slim-trim and tuff laptop so that in case it falls accidentally it can absorb the shock and don't get damaged. If it gets damaged then money send on buying the used laptops goes to waste.
  3. Battery: Charge the battery and keep an eye on the timer and note down the total time taken to fully charge the battery and after that unplugged the charger and wait till the computer battery level reaches almost 0% and check the battery backup of the laptop.
  4. Ports & Drives: Check all the USB ports, HDMI ports carefully and check whether the ports are working fine or not. If there is a CD/DVD drive then check whether it is working or not, even if it is not working it’s fine. It is anyway outdated but make sure your USB ports are working.
  5. Connectivity: Connect your used laptop to any nearby WIFI and check whether it is working or not and also check Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity by connecting it to nearby known devices.
  6. Final Process: Check the overall laptop once again and run the laptop for a minimum of 45 minutes and check again all the things if everything is fine then proceed to pay the seller the required amount and buy the used laptop.

Where can you Sell & Buy used laptops for a good price?

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