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How can you buy a better smartphone?

To buy a better smartphone we need to have deep knowledge of mobile phones to choose the phone for our daily use.

There are a lot of latest-generation smartphones filled with power-packed features and these latest-generation smartphones currently having the most demanded features that are present inside the phone that is 5G. 5G smartphones are one of the most demanded phones because 5G provides high-speed internet, the average speed of a 5G network is 100mbps but it can deliver speed up to 20Gbps.

There are many more features inside the phone and making it the best and reliable phone but the problem is these phones are expensive because of the Powerful Processor, Ultra HD Display & Intense Gaming Experience. The cost of these smartphones is almost the same as laptops. These phones are good but cannot be afforded by all. But if you want to buy the latest generation phone at a low cost then you can buy almost new like condition second hand mobiles at a very low and budget-friendly price with warranty and accessories included.

Things to do before purchasing a smartphone

  1. Know what to buy

Before buying a smartphone online or offline do some research about the phone you are about to buy on the internet reading all the reviews and feedback that are posted by the user on the internet and know what problems they are facing while using the phone or check if the latest update of the phone contains a lot of bugs then better change your mind set to buy some other smartphone on that same budget.

If you buy a smartphone without any research then no problem but in the worst case suppose the phone is running well and smooth no problem but the battery backup is expected to be less and a lot of people are facing this issue. Here if you would have done some basic research then you won’t be in a problem right now.

  1. Avoid Buying Fake Phones from fake sites

When you have decided to buy a new smartphone and after knowing the price of the phones from various sites online and after some more research you got a site where the same model phone is available at a very low cost and you have decided to buy that phone from that site where the price is very less than other sites.

Be very careful while purchasing from a site that you have never heard of because that might a fake site like after completing your transaction your order will get confirm but will never reach your doorstep as it was a fraud or fake site or even if you received your order it might be some other phone different from the one you order or low-quality Chinese or Korean phones and all your money go waste. Be very careful before buying.

  1. Final Checkout

After buying the phone make sure to get the proper bill or invoice of the purchase and while unboxing the phone make a video of the unboxing in case the phone is damaged or not working or there is no phone inside the box it will help you reclaim your phone if you show the proof that you have recoded to the consent authority.

Things to look out for before buying a smartphone

  • Quality of the Phone: The built quality of the phone should be good enough to withstand any accidental damages. Most smartphones are either made up of plastic, metal, or glass. Phones made from metals and glasses are a bit tough compared to plastic.
  • Display: The display of the phone ranges from 5.5”- 6.7”. The display quality of the phone should be the best. There are many different display panels like AMOLED, LCD, LED, IPS, etc. To get the best quality display go for an AMOLED display. The quality of the panel is the best among all of them. Amoled display also comes with HD (High Definition Display), FHD (Full High Definition Display), UHD (Ultra High Definition Display).
  • Operating System: Smartphones are divided into 2 types of OS (i.e) Android & iOS. Android is the most popular OS than iOS. Android OS has huge collections of games and apps and it is very easy to use and transfer files from your phone to any other device very easily. But in iOS, it is very difficult and in iOs, you have to spend money to use most of the apps or games but in android, most of the apps and games are free of cost.

Android has more features than iOS and also cheaper compared to the phone that runs on iOS. Android beats iOS in every aspect but iOS beats android in privacy and security which is one f the most important thing in a smartphone.

  • Processor: The processor is one of the most important things in a smartphone. It processes and manages everything inside the phone. Starting from running heavy applications to running multiple apps simultaneously without interrupting. It also makes sure to run each and everything happening inside the phone smoothly

Different smartphones run on different processors depending upon the brand and specifications of the phones. Android phones mostly run on Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTek Helio, & Exynos processors.

The top 3 best smartphone processors of 2021 are :

  1. Apple A14 Bionic Processor
  2. Snapdragon 888 Processor
  3. Exynos 2100 Processor
  • Camera: The camera has become the most important feature in smartphones and nowadays people are preferring good quality camera phones because they can capture good quality pictures and if anyone is interested in doing vlogging can easily do vlogs using his/her smartphone.

To buy a smartphone which has a good camera we need to look out for cameras having high pixel, higher the pixel of the camera better the quality of the picture. Smartphones having better cameras are iPhone 12, Mi 10 Ultra, OnePlus models, etc.  These phones have good high mega-pixel cameras and better at capturing photos in low light.

  • Battery: People spend most of their time on various social media platforms and that consumes a lot of battery and people want to charge the battery as little as possible so that they can use the phone for a longer period without being interrupted.

The average battery life for normal use is 3000-3500mAh. For heavy use like live streaming or playing games online then 4500-7000mAh battery is best as it can run your phone for more than 20hrs continuously.

  • Storage: Most of the phones nowadays come with large internal storage like 256GB/128GB. For people who want extra storage for their work. If this is not enough then you can even extend your storage by inserting an SD card.
  • Audio: Audio quality of your phone should be best so that you can play or hear something without earphones or headphones. The speaker quality should be good it must be loud & clear.


Current smartphones are filled with power-packed features and future technologies also play an important role in making the smartphone smarter than before. But the worst part is the smartphone's cost is very high because of new technology and better performance. Apple, Oneplus, Asus phones cost is more than 30K. An average person can't afford a smartphone of this range very few people can afford to buy it.

But if you want to buy these smartphones at low cost or budget-friendly cost then you can prefer to buy used phones or refurbished phones. Most of the second hand mobile condition is as good as a new one and also available easily on classified sites. Buying a used mobile phone can not only save a lot of money but also help the environment by using the same product and help in reduction of carbon emission.

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