How Can You Find Perfect Bra Size?

You've tried almost every bra in the store, but nothing seems to be right. Now you're starting to wonder if there really is a perfect bra size for you - which will magically fit every bra you like.

Looks like there is no bra out there that fits you perfectly? Do you often see something spread around your chest when you are stumbling and grieving at the mirror/glass door? Believe me, when I say this, I know exactly how you feel, I've been there, done it! However, frankly, my basics were not right.

Hey, and better late than never! After my last bra shopping disaster, I did some research and found a publication. So, everything I knew about brass was wrong.

In all my years as a bra fitter, I've learned a few things about fit. And here's something I've learned that I want everyone to know about wearing a bra:


It's time to stop chasing the "perfect bra size", because ... But don't worry, I have everything sorted! Let's take it from the top, unpublished and re-learn it. Together!

The size of a perfect bra is a myth

Helping People Fit Bras Exactly I found that there is no such thing as a "perfect bra size". The size of a perfect bra is a myth. It doesn't exist. For example, if you wear 34D, you may find yourself needing 32DD or 34DD of a certain brand. This is normal. It is true that from brand to brand there is inc.

Want to test it yourself? Wear two bras in the same women but take on two different styles from your lingerie collection. Try them out and note the differences between the fits and how they each feel. Sometimes the difference is subtle, other times it is clear that you need to rise below or above your regular size in order to fit you better.

Don't Forget: Your bra size is a guide, not a rule.

When did you come up with two sizes in the fitting room? You’ve probably already done it for jeans, but what about brass? Sometimes the size you usually wear is not the best size for any style or brand for you. Using your bra shape as a guide will open up your options and help you find the right size for the bra you like.

While it may seem like a pain to try multiple bras, we're convinced that sizing up for the first time is better and avoiding a trip to the store than gambling on a bra you might think.

There is no universal value for Fit

It's no surprise that the bra is strategically engineered with many components - sometimes up to 40 elements per bra. Depending on the production technique, they can be constructed with the help of a sewing machine or sewn completely by hand.

Lingerie brands use measurement, grading, patterns, and many other resources to create their products. Although they want their 32D to fit a customer who wears 32D from a different brand, there is no universal standard for sizing in the case of bras.

Simply put, as you try different styles and get acquainted with more brands, you will find that you do not wear the same bra size on every brand. Of course, this may include the size of your bra sister - like being able to wear 36D, 34DD, and 38C, they have relatively the same cup volume - but today we're focusing on the importance of using your bra size as a guide and not a set number when shopping.

Last Guide

The next time you go to the fitting room, bring multiple bra sizes with you. Bring a bra size that you usually wear, a cup size bra, and a bra that's smaller than the size of a band. Evaluate the fit of each bra and determine which one is the clear winner by following your Bra Fitter's Guidance (and these helpful tips). You will probably be surprised at the size you take home.

Our Recommendation

If you are not shopping for a new everyday bra or lingerie for a new event, finding a second opinion is a good idea. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect fit for bras, especially when doing it yourself. If you ever feel unsure about your bra size or don't know where to find a good bra, it's time to help bra fitters.

Many specialty women offer lingerie boutique bra fittings. Their expert bra fitters will take away the aches and frustrations of bra shopping and do all the work for you. Even better, their product knowledge can save you time and money. Also, they know where the best bras are hiding.

If you've been struggling to find the right size brass, it's time to make a difference. Visit our specialized store locator to find the store near you and schedule an appointment.


Happy Bra Shopping!

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