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Where to find Best bamboo leggings for women?

If you prefer bamboo leggings, you should check out Canadian clothing brand Orange Fashion Village, who make sleek, seamless basics with a high bamboo content. Their leggings are knitted in the round like tights, with a diamond shaped gusset and wide, soft waistband.


Are you looking for bamboo leggings for women?

Welcome to Orange Fashion Village. We are your online source in the USA and Canada for everything about women’s leggings.  It’s very apparent that women’s leggings have proven their staying power not only in the fashion world, but also in the general public.

Leggings are typically worn differently by women of different figures. Generally speaking, women with curvier bodies tend to wear leggings with slightly longer tops such as shirt dresses that come down to the top of the thigh area. Women with a slimmer figure typically wear leggings with smaller tops and shorter t-shirts.

In today’s scene, you see kids, ladies, and women of all ages and sizes wearing these leggings instead of your typical pants or shorts, and they are looking good.

When you are in the gym or any where exercising for that matter, they can be worn under or over and sometimes alone as the bottom piece. Because leggings conform to the skin in a tight manner, it is recommended to wear a top piece that is loose fitting, that doesn’t mean you must look like an upside down tepee.

womens legging worn by women of the right proportions is a compliment to her well maintained figure no matter what her age may be. 

Bamboo Clothes Buying Guide for Men & Women

Bamboo clothes are very soft. Many people who have tried it even compare it to cotton. Bamboo fibers naturally have a smooth, making wearing bamboo clothing easy even for those with allergies.

The bamboo fabric absorbs extreme moisture. In other words, when you sweat, the bamboo fabric absorbs sweat from your skin. You should feel better and drier wearing bamboo clothing for physical activity.

The bamboo plant contains a natural antimicrobial agent, the antibacterial and fungicidal properties of bamboo are still present in the bamboo fabric. You will see that bamboo clothing prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Tips for Buying Bamboo Clothes

Quality matters a lot

With Bamboo clothing, the price stands for quality. Do not think that the most expensive brands have just deceived you and that you can buy the same clothing by paying three times less. So do not expect high performance and comfort for the low price.

Fit & Style

Women’s Bamboo clothing is much more varied than those for men. However, leggings become more popular in women. The cut and style you choose, whether leggings, straight pants or harem pants, come back.







Care for your bamboo Clothes

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended washing instructions. Also, try to wash your yoga pants after each use. They cannot smell or look dirty, but when they touch your skin and your sweat, bacteria build up and develop when the object is not washed. This can later cause problems if you have sensitive skin.

Benefits of bamboo Clothes

Evacuation of moisture

Bamboo clothes naturally absorb moisture better than other fabrics. This would keep you dry during your routine.

Sweetness and comfort

Bamboo clothes provide a very soft and natural feel. You would always feel comfortable wearing it in the gym or at home.


Bamboo yoga pants are more breathable and do not stick at all.

Strong and durable

Another big advantage of bamboo over many other fabrics is its durability. Bamboo clothing is made for eternity. It will not be easy to remove all areas and washes.

Odor resistant

Bamboo clothing is more odor resistant than synthetic fabrics and cotton.

Cleaning and care of Bamboo Clothes

Be prepared to take care of your Bamboo Clothes slightly differently than your other clothes so they will not take pills, extend their lifespan, and eliminate their stink.

First, check the manufacturer’s instructions before putting the Bamboo in the washing machine. In addition, here are some general cleaning rules that apply in all cases.

Wash your sweatpants in cold water. This prevents color loss, shrinkage and tissue degradation. Do not use the dryer, as this may weaken the material. Instead, dry the bamboo clothes in the air.

Avoid the addition of fabric softener. This softens the bamboo clothes, but the chemicals that soften the fabrics can affect the absorption of the material and its breath-ability.

Orange Fashion Village | Bamboo Clothing & Apparel in the USA & Canada

There are so many trending varieties available on Bamboo clothing for women & men. Just check out our website Orange Fashion Village


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