Psychology of Women

Psychology of women gives an organizational ground for all women and men from different origins interested in research and teaching psychology of women.

Psychology of women gives an organizational ground for all women and men from different origins interested in research and teaching psychology of women. The study recognizes the multiplicity of women's experiences, which come from a range of factors including culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, language, sexual orientation, and age. The division supports feminist research, education, theories, and practice toward improving and understanding the lives of women and girls in their diversities. Psychology of women contributes to different conceptions and beliefs of different women in relation to their power in the community.

Power is Only Tolerable on the Condition that it Remains Invisible

Michel Foucault said in his book that power is tolerable or acceptable if only it remains invisible. Power is the ability to influence others to follow or believe in a certain way or direction. Many people have the power to convince others in the community and society to follow and behave in certain ways. In many communities, power is persistent in different individuals who gain it through different ways. Village elders and headmen are perceived to be leaders, and they solve all disputes and grievances of the members of the community. Doctors have powers to decide and advise on healthy issues and community beliefs. The application of power an individual has is an intangible asset that is only a secret to the person possessing the power. Power and psychology are related, because people believe and claim that power gives persons holding the power greater knowledge in the related field.

Sexuality and sexual desires are a natural occurrence in all human beings of all sexes. Men have a quicker response to a sexual desire than women due to the psychological difference. Men view and perceive women as sexually attractive, and anything can tune a man psychologically to desire sex. Men are ready for sex, because they do not fear negative effects of having a sexual intercourse. Women’s excitement to make love and sexual intercourse begins and lasts for long before she finally meets the man. Psychological events in the body of a woman trigger the urge, and they have sex for satisfaction and not just for body pressures. Men believe women are weak and are available for men’s sexual satisfaction. This explains why many men end up raping innocent women and even raping their own sexual partners.

Women in many societies are seen as weak creatures created to serve men. Although there is no distinct difference between a female and a male child, but as the two children grow, perception and roles develop. The girl child starts to have psychological perception that she is weak and inferior to the male. This feminist perception has led to women violence from male individuals. Women violence is evident in societies where women undergo harsh treatment. Because of the perceived psychological power that men are right, women have been subjected to rape, female circumcision, poor medication, and other women violence. Females have been tuned to psychological belief that female circumcision is a healthy practice that increases a woman’s reputation. Female circumcision is rampant in many nations, and it is common women violence. Young girls are subjected to mutilation process of cutting their genital parts. This is because women have a psychological perception that it is a ritual that helps women to get married. Another women violence practice is the little access to inheritance by the girl child, because the power of men has deemed the psychology of women.

Medical facilities and services are also related to the believed power of traditional middle women who are believed to understand female anatomy. Women in developing countries still follow these women who continue to offer low and poor medical services. Women have a psychological feeling that men’s advice to health issues are appropriate and correct. This has enabled men to humiliate women’s rights like forcing them to pass through female mutilation as a way to reduce infertility. The perception that women are inferior is wrong, and it is only psychology that gives men power to dominate women.

The Idea of Erasure

This idea is important to feminist psychology studies and research in the urge to understand a woman. Erasure means to be forgotten in the context of what is happening in the community. Women in different countries have tried to be recognized by men in various disciplines and fields. In political leadership, women have received a perfect and consistent competition forcing them to accept that men are the ones to rule. This idea contributes to other women injustice, such as poor medical care, sexual harassment, and negligence. Men have always shuttered the chances of women to express their views on how many children to bear and when to have sexual intercourse. Women believe wife beating is a sign of love from her husband and that they are there to serve men. The concept of equality has been forgotten, because psychology takes a great role to help men convince women that they hold the authority to make decisions.

In many communities, women have been assigned the roles of taking care of children and cooking for their husbands. The element of mothering is left as a burden to the mother since many men do not take responsibilities of taking care of children. This brings complication to young mothers who perceive that is part of hard life of a woman. The narratives that are passed from one generation to another continue to diminish the need of equality between partners in families. Gender differences have emerged by the way duties and responsibilities are different in communities. Psychology of women contributes to women accepting themselves weak as compared to men, and hence they take light duties that require less physical work. Poor medication, limitation to education, early marriages, and exclusion from making decision are some of women injustices and violence against them.

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