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How Construction Submittal software successfully Manage Construction Submittals?

How Construction Submittal software successfully Manage Construction Submittals?


Recap: What is the submission of construction?

Construction submissions come in various forms - for example, shop images, material data, color graphics, cut sheet products, samples, etc. - And is an important document that laid the foundation for each construction project. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the submission can end with thousands of pages. According to the prospect of the Deloitte Engineering and Construction Industry, the increase in operating costs and the lack of labor will require a construction company to design a new partnership model and project structure to remain competitive this year. According to statista, nowadays construction companies uses construction software. 


Submission process

Submission tends to follow the process of four parts to ensure the accountability of all participants in the project, to reduce inefficiencies and reduce the possibility of errors.

Pre-construction phase:

Sometimes referred to as meeting, conferences, or submittal pre-submittal meetings, this phase brings together contractors, architects and general engineers to clarify and determine what the submission process is. These include everything starting from the deadline for shipping and reviews to determine how the document will be transferred. The main objective of this meeting is to ensure all project participants understand the approval workflow and to establish communication lines.

Schedule development:

Preparing shipment is the responsibility of the contractor, but architects and engineers put the foundation by identifying the types of submissions and technical specifications needed. After the contractor has a plan, they set up a schedule that lists all items of each shipping need, along with the timeline. Schedules need to be coordinated with a building schedule to ensure there is enough time for architects to review and ask for change, if necessary, without delaying construction.

Shipping preparation:

After the schedule is set, the General Contractor will prepare submissions (or outsourcing this step to the subcontractor). This project will determine what type of submittal document is needed. In this step, preparation must call and explain the deviation from the construction document. If the subcontractor prepares the shipment, they will return to the General Contractor to be reviewed and approved.

Review of Submission:

After a general contractor has provoked their agreement, send it sent to the architect. The design team must ensure the selected material in accordance with the requirements specified in the construction document, and that the use and design performance requirements are met.



Designers who work on projects can make comments or changes in request. After they give approval, shipment is sent to the supervisor architect or engineer. Everyone must review and check the shipment to ensure compliance with construction documents before providing their foundation.

All project documents must be reviewed in the order indicated by the approval workflow, which is described during the pre-construction phase. After all submittal documents have the necessary approval, they are returned to the General Contractor.

Leverage Technology to streamline complex processes

Submission Features in Premier Construction Software

With current construction projects that are more complex than before, shipment may be very long, detailed documents that require a special project team to assess many requirements. Because submissions such as building blocks of a project, it is very important to ensure they are managed properly - not only to ensure the success of the project, but to reduce risk and obligations.

As you can imagine, while overseeing the submission process and tracking approval required without using construction management software can be a nightmare and ready for mistakes and inaccuracies. To help you navigate the process and make fluid workflow, we are happy to announce the launch of our new submission feature. Along these lines, IT can't adequately settle on Construction Software development innovation choices.


Create and Track Construction Submission with Main Construction Software


our new features will offer the following benefits:


  • Create & Email Submission of Links to several Parties
  • Collaboration directly with any third party - no additional fees
  • Special annotation blades of construction - Add stamps, boxes, comments, etc.
  • Can be accessed on any device
  • Combine several shared files, sort & regroup
  • Track response, maturity date, version control & full history
  • Easy to see all the history of submission
  • Workflow Configuration Customization
  • The ability to revise & send back
  • View & Share Historical Responses
  • Automate new requests for revisions
  • Set Date & Track Items late
  • Easily view comments by page on the same screen
  • Stores-automatic in document management

Why Implement IT in construction?

This in development is the basic capacity which requirements to remain flexible. Although it may look smart to provide each innovation assignment to this group, it does not benefit the organization in the long term. All the same things, think about other ways to handle recruitment and organizing representatives, as well as you can even track submission along with Construction Submittal Software that is committed to settling on significant innovation options, especially for business fields for business. Although it may require a significant expanse to lurk the true experts for the job and coordinate it into their new work, it deserves the time.

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