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How COVID-19 is Reshaping Global Corporate Travel

Global corporate travellers are constantly modifying travel plans and are being served with unique solutions. The Safe Car Promise from tour operators is helping to allay health and safety concerns.

The unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 towards the beginning of 2020 wreaked havoc across the world. Global business travel also came to a complete halt. As lockdowns were imposed, borders were sealed and flights remained grounded. Businesses continued to adopt work from home modules and depended on technology to continue operations. Gradually, face-to-face meetings had to be cancelled and virtual mediums replaced the constant need to move from one place to the other. Global corporate travellers also adopted advanced technology to meet their business needs.

The travel and tourism industry are expected to bounce back in the near future. But, apprehensions about travel still remain. Many believe, although business travel will resume, it will not be the same as before. Many companies would prefer to combine more meetings in one trip. This could be especially true if plane fares increase. Airlines are expected to follow stringent safety protocols and if they continue to invest more time and effort for deep cleaning, the price is anticipated to shoot up.

Drivable Getaways for Corporate Travellers

To make things easier for corporate travellers, reputed tour companies are making special arrangements for their guests. Many people prefer to tag along family members during business trips. In fact, a travel trend that’s burgeoning over the years is the ‘leisure’ trip. It is nothing but a combination of business and leisure. It typically refers to a trip where an individual goes for a holiday after completing the work trip.

The millennial corporate traveller, in most cases, preferred this kind of an arrangement. To meet these requirements, tour operators are arranging drivable holidays for clients. These provide the comfort and safety of completely sanitised private cars. After the COVID-19 outbreak, safety has become a prime concern. To allay fears and ensure maximum satisfaction, travel operators are arranging drivable vacations in chauffeur driven cars.

The professional chauffeurs are trained to deliver an exceptional experience. They know their way around town and whether you want to sightsee, shop or dine, they’ll take you to the right places every time. The chauffeurs also act as tour guides, explaining the history of famous places. And if you are thinking about visiting discreet places, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they also have information about off-beat areas.

Drivable getaways offer a chance to relax and rejuvenate. Without safety concerns on your mind, you can simply unwind and make the most of your time. From picking you up from your home to taking you to the destination of your choice, drivable getaways provide an opportunity to satisfy your travel cravings.

Business Trips Being Constantly Modified

Health concerns and restrictions on travel have largely affected business trips. As most corporates have embraced video conferencing to conduct meetings, visits have been curtailed significantly. The growing prominence of the remote workplace has also shunted the growth of business travel in 2020. But industry experts believe that things are expected to reverse in the short term.

Travel companies with proven expertise are delivering a full range of services to satisfy corporate clients. In today’s world, travelling is essential for business growth. But the pandemic has unlocked unfathomable challenges that have forced companies to limit travel expenses amidst an economic slowdown. Keeping this aspect in mind, many travel companies are designing cost-effective travel plans that offer comprehensive solutions for corporate travellers.

Travel companies are constantly delivering smart solutions that are securing the safety of travellers. They are constantly monitoring safety standards and optimizing travel costs to help clients.

Comprehensive Travel Solutions for Corporates

To cater to the needs of corporates, travel companies are devising comprehensive solutions. They help to book rail and air tickets, make arrangements for accommodation and provide passport and visa facilities to guests. They also arrange airport transfers, car rental services and travel insurance assistance.

The COVID-19 outbreak has imposed several limitations on travel companies as well. Services that could be easily delivered physically are now being completed online. As a result, many tour operators are offering self-booking platforms that allow users to easily pick and choose travelling services according to their requirements. They offer Visa Concierge and VIP services for special clients. Even customised leisure or leisure tours are being organised for travellers.

To incur maximum savings, delayed flight compensation and technical support is offered to travellers. Specially curated end-to-end travel solutions are also provided to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. These can be tailored to suit individual needs.

New-Age Travel Made Easy

The coronavirus pandemic has completely overturned our lives. However, all is not lost. It has also created opportunities to adopt new ways of making life better. Amidst health and safety concerns, new-age solutions are making travelling easier. Most travel companies have shifted to online interfaces and apps to make bookings easier. Besides, they are guaranteeing the safety of travellers with unique propositions.

From conducting regular health check-ups for drivers and other staff to sanitizing vehicles, they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure safety. They are also providing emergency travel services and chauffeur driven cars to make travel easy.

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