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Best Ways to Travel Around Switzerland

In order to experience Switzerland the right way you will need to know the best ways to travel around the country.

One cannot decide when Switzerland is more mesmerizing, summer or winter. We are the witnesses of its stunning lake and mountain views, and in order to visit every hidden corner of this marvelous land located in the Alps, surrounded by Italy on the south, France to the west, Germany to the north, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, you will need to know the best ways to travel around the country.

Travel by car or rent a limousine

Switzerland, a mountainous country, in which most peaks can’t be reached by car. Nevertheless, all cantons (country districts), are very well connected with main roads. You can travel the country through A1 and A2 motorways which connect northeast and southwest and northwest and south of the country.

traveling switzerland by car

However, mountain roads are a completely different topic and some peaks can’t be reached by car, and there are towns in which car traffic is simply prohibited, such as Zermatt, located at the foot of the Matterhorn. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a nice drive around cities and country, and why not even rent a limousine for complete enjoyment. You can revel in those fantastic sights while enjoying champagne on the back seat of a limousine, while someone else is driving you.

Travel by train or bus

The railway network in Switzerland is regarded as the top-notch level of railways in entire Europe. From mountain steeps to the city center, no place in Switzerland can’t be reached by train. The sources estimate an average of 122km of track for every 1,000km2, and a Swiss citizen travels over 2,400 km a year, making them the most frequent users of rail transport.

swiss train

Mountains can be reached with the circular tunnels built into mountains, called Spiral. These viaducts are the main attractions for rail enthusiasts from all over the world, and tourists on the whole, who just admire these creations. This makes travel by train one of the most popular ways of transition in Switzerland, and you can enjoy all the glamour of Switzerland trains and the view they offer.

The bus is also a nice way to get around the country; the entire system is well connected and you can visit the smaller urban areas and regions that are not connected to the rail network via a bus. It is well praised by the users as it is reliable, efficient, clean, and safe, and can take you anywhere you need to go.


If you want to see the entire beauty of Switzerland, then the fantastic cable-cars and cableways are your choice. There is so much to see from those vivid mountain tops and cable-cars will take you just there. Enjoy the Matterhorn glacier ride that will take you to a height of 3,821 meters above sea level. Functioning since 2018, this tri-cable gondola offers a luxurious and comfortable journey in a cable car designed by the Italian car design company, Pininfarina.

The floor becomes a see-through glass once you reach the top of the glacier and there is nothing more beautiful than the landscape that reveals under you. Although, it is not the best way to travel through the country, but it is the only way to reach some locations in the country. There are a number of cableways, not the ones on Matterhorn, which include Andermatt, Engelberg, Verbier, and many others.

Travel by Bike

Switzerland isn’t just mountains, there is so much to see when traveling around the country, and what better way to achieve such a thing than on a bike. Starting in 2018, the Swiss authorities have been concentrated on developing bike-lanes and related infrastructures. The Swiss constitution has been changed in favor of those who are bike enthusiasts and love to travel around the country on a bike.

traveling switzerland by bike

There have been a number of different routes, which you can enjoy. One route you can enjoy the most will take you from the north to south, from Basel to Lugano, and the marvelous Lago di Lugano. It will take you around eight days to cross the entire route, and on your way, there is a great chance you will be left in awe of the Swiss lakes and mountain views.

One other route that is very popular is the alongside the Rhone valley; you will run past mountains, then you will enjoy the sunshine of the Wallis, and last but not least, the beauty of the Lake of Geneva on one side and wine hills on the other side.

Furthermore, you can ride the bike on your own delight, exploring cities and country on the whole. There are services that offer you rent bikes and bike-sharing. So, there is no need to think if your bike would be stolen or not. Switzerland is a beautiful country to explore on a bike. 


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