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7 Healthy Ways To De-Stress After A Long Day At Work

Beat the stress by taking a hot bath, lie down under a weighted blanket, turn off your phone. Follow along to learn more ways of unwinding after a stressful day.

We like to cash on the idea that we have finally figured out our lives. The truth is lots of us are still struggling to find the right balance between work and everything else we do. One common dilemma we all face is how to unwind after a workday full of stress.

I have been there plenty of times myself. A day full of meetings, taking heat from my boss, dealing with the annoying questions of my co-workers paired with the stress of completing the tasks assigned. My go-to solution of dealing with this stress is to rush home, tune into my favorite comedy show provided by Spectrum Specials bundle, and eat ice cream straight out of the tub.

Wait, this method doesn’t work all the time. You need other stress relievers to feel like yourself again. Such as:

1: Take a Long Hot Bath

Nothing relieves stress better than a hot and long bath. Soaking in hot water makes you let go of the negative thoughts immediately.

If your body has been aching from sitting on the desk for long, a hot bath will work wonders. Hot baths are known for lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation. For extra relaxation, add a few drops of essential oil in your bathtub.

2: Lie Down under Your Weighted Blanket

Some of you may not agree to this but I have tested it and it did the trick. Lie down with your weighted blanket. You can also use a weighted eye pillow instead. The key is to apply pressure.

Now take a post-work nap or simply listen to relaxing music. The weight will reduce your stress and anxiety. You will feel as if you are being given a cozy hug. Don’t wanna do that? No worries, just give your mama or anyone available at home a big hug and guaranteed it will work.

3: Put Your Phone Away

As soon as you get home, put your phone away. You were already glued to your screen responding to emails, checking your voicemail and killing time on social media. There is no need to go back again. Otherwise, you will be draining the little bit of energy you are left with.

Don’t just put your smartphone away on a stressful day. Make it a routine to place it somewhere out of your view. You will feel so much better.

4: Make Every Minute Count

This is the part most of us skip. The idea of going out on a work night might sound draining, I hear you. all I am saying is to have a life outside of work too. That’s the best remedy to take your mind off of stress.

You don’t always have to go out. It could be something as simple as taking up a hobby. If you like knitting, then dedicate 1 hour to knitting after work. It will help you feel fulfilled as well. Moreover, set goals that excite you. This way, you will have something to look forward to by the end of the workday. If doing something after work sounds draining, then simply have a chit-chat session with your mother or partner. Enjoy the moment and feel the stress fading away.

5: Do the Dishes

Even the thought of doing dishes after a hard way at work is a big no, right? But hear me for a second. Doing dishes the old fashioned way can help you unwind. There is even a study that says mindful dishwashing reduces nervousness and improves mental stimulation. So try it once. Your problems will float away like soapy water floats down the drain. And if it doesn’t help, at least you would have a clean kitchen.


6: Do a Self-Destressing Massage

If you don’t know how it’s done, I suggest learning it. Because let’s be honest, you cannot afford to visit a spa every other day, right?

There are so many self-massage methods that can help you out here. For instance, those who slouch at their desk all day, find the pressure point where your shoulders and neck meet. Press it down firmly with your fingers for 10 seconds. You will feel better in no time.

7: Read Your Favorite Book

I also like to throw myself on the couch and indulge in my book. It helps take my mind off everything. Elif Shafak, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling are a few of my favorite writers. Pick your favorite writer’s book and get lost in their world.

These remedies work most of the time. Other days, when I don’t feel like doing anything, I simply shuffle channels on my Spectrum cable TV, find something interesting and fall asleep watching. That helps too.

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