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We Bet These 06 Cakes Will Leave Your Taste Buds Satisfied

Cakes! Did this word bring a smile on your face? If yes, then, you are a true cake lover, my friend. Cakes are unbelievably delicious treats that we can bless our taste buds with. There are a plethora of cakes that an individual loves to have depending upon his mood or occasion. Also, getting cakes through online birthday cake delivery on various occasions fills the occasion with sheer happiness and excitement. That is why we indulge cakes on our special dates to make them extra special. Now, we know that there are a variety of cakes available in the market for people having different taste preferences, but at times, even you would want to explore cakes of different flavors, right? Yes, there are a number of flavors of cakes that fit well for the different celebrations in our life. So, here are 11 types of cakes that you should be considering for indulging in your celebrations as per your preference. So, let's get started with the cakes straight away. 

  • Butter Cake:

Cakes having the indulgence of cream butter or sugar in their recipes are simply known as butter cakes. However, there is again a wide range of flavors of butter cakes in this category itself. They are chocolate, yellow, white, marble cakes. It's delicious buttery taste melts in the mouth and hence makes the taste buds go slippery over its taste. 

  • Pound Cake:

This cake is a relative of butter cake. The name of the cake has been put into the picture because of the proportion of the cake. The cake has a pound of sugar, a pound of butter, a pound of flour and a pound of eggs. Did you know that some of the fruit crumb cake, coffee cake, or sour cream cakes are alternate for the pound cakes!

  • Sponge Cake:

Sponge cakes are those which have no baking powder or baking soda because it has a lot of egg whites in it. There are again a number of sponge cakes within this category.

  • Genoise Cake:

In France and Italy, sponge cakes are known by the name of genoise cake. Here, the eggs are beaten with sugar till the batter becomes ribbony and thick, and then flour is added to make the batter. This cake has a less assertive flavor, and the flavor is added by coating the cake with a flavored syrup. 

  • Biscuit Cake:

Well, this is an ideal cake for both cake and biscuit lovers. The mixed taste of cakes and biscuits can literally satisfy the taste buds of the person who cannot help but drool over these two desserts. So, if you want to make the birthday of such a person special, order birthday cake online with this flavour and make their day a lot more special and memorable. Biscuit cakes are basically another type of sponge cake that has both in it, eggs and whites in it. The batter if this cake is comparatively lighter and hence is drier than a genoise cake. Biscuit cake when baked in a tube pan, it would be more like a chewy sponge cake. 

  • Angel Food Cake:

This cake does not include the yolk in it, rather it is just made up of egg whites. The whites of the eggs are made very firm when mixed with the sugar. Angel food cakes are often chewy, spongy in texture, have high quantities of sugar in it, and have an absence of sugar too. This cake is a perfect fit for diet conscious people since this cake is fa-free since no butter is used in baking this cake.

So, these cakes are sure to satisfy your taste buds and will give you a satisfying feeling when you have them on various occasions as per your preference. Cakes are known for making birthdays, or anniversaries or any other special occasion memorable with its ability to make people feel happy and delightful about it. Also, if you are a big-time cake lover, then missing pinto these delicious sand tempting cakes is a big loss for you. So, hop onto these cakes whenever possible.


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