ways to deal with your child’s

Parenting Hacks: 5 Effective ways to deal with your child’s temper tantrums

Temper Tantrum, the things that are enough to raise terror in the hearts of any parents. What does it take to deal with temper trouble? Read and find out more.

Temper Tantrum, the things that are enough to raise terror in the hearts of any parents. What does it take to deal with temper trouble? Read and find out more.

You are in the supermarket with your 4-year-old. Suddenly she asks you for a chocolate bar. You deny her request. And next thing you know that you are the centre of attention of supermarket with your kid rolling on the floor and screaming. Sounds familiar? A temper tantrum is quite common in young children which can include things like yelling, whining, kicking, hitting things. Well, there is no right way to deal with or handle a temper tantrum, but there certainly are things that you shouldn’t do. Here are a few ways with which you can deal with the temper tantrum.

1. Please don’t yell on the child

The first and most important thing, you should refrain from yelling back on the child. Because he might grow up believing it is normal to shout back in any situation. It can also make a child scared of you; thus, hampering a comforting and trusting relationship.

2.Try and be empathic

You must validate your child’s feeling and emotions. By being empathic, you are taking the first step in calming them down. Instead of saying “you won’t get chocolate, get up NOW!” Try saying” I know you love chocolate, it is awful of mama not to get them for you”. Your concern for their feelings can work wonders.

  1. Let them be angry

Another best way to deal with tantrums would be to let the child vent out their anger. Let them have that meltdown. Like we adults sometimes need to vent out our emotions, in the same way, kids do need their moment.

4. Distract them

Since kids have a very small attention span, try to distract them. Chances are they would be distracted and forget about crying. For example, if they are calling for chocolate in the supermarket, show them the fruit aisle and ask would they help you choose these from these colourful fruits?

5. Be easy on yourself

Don’t worry, parents you are not spoiling your child. Sometimes, it may seem like not having a punitive approach may lead to your kid being spoiled or reinforces his bad behaviour.  But know that, children’s tender mind cannot process any other method than your unconditional love and concern.

Always remember that these tantrums won’t last. As kids grow old, their temper tantrums also reduce. But your tender care and understanding of their feeling can teach them how to deal with stress and anxiety in the future.

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