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Ten cute ways to propose your cute boyfriend

It's the 21st century. Women no longer wait for me to make the first move on matters about relationships.

It's the 21st century. Women no longer wait for me to make the first move on matters about relationships. It is not a universally accepted practice, but people who embrace change find it cute when a woman proposes a man. Women have devised the most romantic way to propose. Below is a list of some practices that women have adopted to make men say yes. 


Recreating the First Date

Guys love showing their masculinity in all they do. But deep inside, they are romantic and gentle. They love it when you do some nice things for them. Also, they do not keep the memory or account of most of the romantic things you do together.

Recreating your first date is one way to trigger the feelings he had. Maybe he was nervous since he did not know what will follow after the first date. He also did not know if you will change your mind about the whole idea of a relationship. But here you are - shooting the shots. 

Do not mind whether the first day was perfect or disastrous; revisit it anyway. It is a great way to reminisce about the good moments you have spent together. 


Putting a Ring in His Favorite Food

They say that the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach. Why not use the same path to get to his life? Prepare him his favorite food and set the table in a romantic setting. You can even have a candlelit dinner in the house. 

Hide the ring in his plate. However, you should ensure that it does not end up in his belly. Pose your question once he gets his surprise. 


Write Him a letter

Letters are an old-school way to express your feelings. However, it is so romantic to put it on paper. What makes it an extra special letter is the fact that it is handwritten. He can repeatedly read the letter if he does not believe what he is reading for the first time. 

Take that chance to tell him all the feelings you have for him. Let him know of everything you have ever felt about him. State all the positive and the negative, but let the positive have more weight. Then, state your intentions of wanting to spend your eternity with him.


Serenade Him

Do you love singing? You will not get a better way to propose than using your talent.

Maybe you are used to singing for him, and he enjoys it. Then you have a perfect chance to surprise him. And indeed, you will catch him off-guard. 


Treasure hunt Proposal

Do you, as a couple, love games? Then a treasure hunt game is a perfect idea for a proposal. It also shows you the extent your man can go to make you happy.

Organize a treasure hunt around the city and let him feel the thrill as he opens the surprises. The ultimate delight is when you will pose your proposal to him. 

The whole activity is fun and bonding. It is a perfect idea for a couple that loves adrenaline testing activities. However, it would help if you asked him to get off duty or organize the event on a weekend or his off-days. 


Propose on a Novel Activity Together

Are you planning to do a new activity soon? Then you can ask your guy to join you. If he is free, he will gladly join. However, if you do not have any, you can check his schedule and see if he has any new activity he is set to try. Request him to join in the movement. 

While you are conducting or performing the activity, give him some hints that you are interested in him. When you finish the move, tell him you are ready to do all your future activities with him. 

Surprise Party

We surprise our loved ones with all kinds of parties: birthdays, graduation anniversaries, proposal parties, etc. If you want to disguise the party, then you can hold it on his special day, like a birthday. Let everything run smoothly like an ordinary party. When you approach the peak of the party, then you can do your thing. If you had a ring ready, you could use it to propose.

Also, you can use any other kind of method you had planned to propose. Men love surprises. I am sure this will be one of the best, and he will love you more. 


Trip Proposal

Trips create the most romantic ways to propose. During your dating period, your guy has mentioned some places he had wished to visit. You can save up and surprise him with a trip to his dream destination. 

Well, while in the planning stages, do not disclose the place you are taking him. To make the surprise better, do not tell him of the plans. You can ask him to accompany you on a trip. Also, have everything in order and let it be your treat. You can propose once you get there and then enjoy the rest of the days as fiances. Alternatively, you can propose on the plane before you get to your destination. 


Propose to Him within a Gift

Girls love gifts, they love surprises, and guys do not disappoint at spoiling them. But have you tried giving your guy a gift? However small the present is, his reaction is priceless. 

Some little gestures like offering gifts make a guy feel loved and valued. Buy him a valuable and useful item. It can be a simple gift like a wristwatch, but the gesture will remain in his heart forever. 


Plan an Adventure

Does your guy love outdoor activities? Then there are tons of proposal ideas you can implement. You can plan a camping activity on the weekend. Spend the days with him as you eat some bbq. Then on the final day, say the magic words and watch his heart melt away. 

You can also propose a one-day outdoor activity such as hiking or trekking. When you are alone, you can pose your question when you stop for some rest. 


Final Word 

Guys find it attractive when you use the most romantic way to propose to them. They feel you know what you want and you are ready to go for it. However, it would be excellent if you were careful not to fall into the hands of users. Always be keen on the red flags and abort the mission before you land yourself in trouble. 

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