Solar Power CCTV Camera

How do the cameras work?

Solar Power CCTV Camera

Solar Power CCTV Camera work exclusively with solar energy, they do not depend on other sources of electricity, they are completely autonomous. For this purpose, solar panels are used to power the camera and charge the battery. And in the dark, the system runs on a battery. On rainy and cloudy days, solar panels continue to generate electricity because they run on diffuse daylight.

How do the cameras work?

Autonomous street surveillance systems use high-quality solar panels to capture direct and diffuse sunlight and convert the sunlight into direct current.

The electricity generated is used to operate the IP camera and charge the batteries, preserving the excess electricity generated by the solar panel.

3G / 4G / Wi-Fi Slaor Power CCTV Camera can save captured video to removable SD card, hard drive, stream video online via the internet via Wi-Fi, or built-in 3G / 4G module wherever there is a mobile connection.

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Solar panels are most efficient on clear days, but they can generate electricity on rainy or cloudy days as visible light penetrates rain and clouds. The panels are available in a waterproof design, so rain and snow are not afraid of you.

If the video surveillance system is installed in areas where there is little sun, cameras with wind generators are used, or a solar panel and a wind turbine are combined. This solution is also suitable for a zoom-zoom PTZ camera, which can be controlled remotely through a program on a computer or a mobile phone application.

Independent PTZ camera with solar battery and wind generator

5 advantages of solar-powered freestanding outdoor cameras

1. Flexible design                                                                    

The presence of a solar battery allows you to install the camera anywhere there is sunlight: in the field, in the mountains, in the field without electricity, in an empty suburban area, on the road.

2. Easy to install and move

The Complete Solar Power CCTV Camera System Suite includes everything you need for DIY installation and detailed step-by-step installation and setup instructions. The system is easy to transfer from one location to another without the need for reconfiguration.

3. Eco-friendly

This is a true "green technology" built on a renewable source of solar energy, which does not pollute the environment.

4. Saving money

A standalone video surveillance system does not waste electricity but generates it itself, stores it in a battery, and is completely non-volatile, which means it does not require any additional costs.

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5. Long life

Most solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty. After the expiration of the warranty period, the solar panel can still produce at least 80% of its service life.

What to consider when buying

1. Solar energy

The amount of electricity a solar panel can produce is determined by the size, efficiency of the panel, and the amount of sunlight.

For maximum effect, you should orient the panel in the direction where the sun is at noon and try to avoid shading.

2. Battery capacity

Rechargeable batteries Solar Power CCTV Camera in the absence of light. To provide enough power to support the cameras, the battery power must be several times higher than the maximum power of the solar panel. Otherwise, the batteries may be damaged due to overcharging.

3. Place of installation

If the standalone CCTV system is mounted a short distance from the user, then you can use a removable SD card to record and store video. If the cameras are far away, then you need remote access to the video file over the Internet.

For this purpose, use outdoor Wi-Fi 3G / 4G IP surveillance cameras. Such a system can transmit an online video stream wherever there is cellular or Wi-Fi communication, and the operator connects through a GSM channel and watches the video from the online camera.

4. Price

A set of solar Power CCTV Camera costs more than normal ones because they work where normal cameras cannot: no electricity, no cables, no local network. The price of the kit depends on the type of camera (fixed, rotating, dome), matrix resolution, solar panel power, battery capacity.


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