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How does an Inbound Call Centre Software Boost Agent Performance?

Technologies keep on changing, which is why keeping up-to-date is vital. It is significant for the agents to understand the market requirements and techniques for bringing out the best of the latest technology.


If the agents of a company are not performing well, it is hard for the business to succeed. The agent needs to give their 100% to the business and it is equally significant for the organization to train the staff for efficient performance regularly.

When we talk about the relevance of inbound call centre in improving agent performance, there are several ways inbound support can enrich your agents’ excellent results. To assist the agent in offering top-notch services, a software at support can be very helpful.

Here is how inbound call support software benefits the agent’s performance:

Determining the agents’ KPIs

The call centres need to measure the agents’ key performance indicators.


Well, it is substantial to note each agents’ performance, so that its evaluation helps to provide better results in future.

To improve the staff performance, evaluation is indispensable. An inbound call support software helps to track the agents’ task and develops a performance metric to measure their deliveries. Judging the performance metric, your business can easily highlight the areas to focus on.

Taking assistance of analytics and reporting through an inbound call support software, businesses can determine KPIs and thereafter, extract meaningful data essential for business success. The areas that an agent needs to focus upon is clear after analyzing the KPIs. Without this analysis, a business is clueless about strategies to work upon for ensuring efficiency.

Your inbound call support software helps to track the following:

  • Call hold times.
  • Call abandonment.
  • First Call Resolution (FCR).
  • Average handle time etc.

When all these metrics are measured, it is easy to analyze agent performance and thereafter help them in performing better. Your agent may not be experienced or may lack the knowledge of latest technological updates. Therefore, such a software helps to understand the service pain points and highlights the areas that require vigilance. Without a software, understanding these metrics is hard.

Real-time assistance

Inbound support is all about answering incoming customer calls to the best. With a software for inbound call support, it is possible to assist agents’ in real-time.

Although your agent may be experienced in answering customers, but it is important to know their step-by-step breakdown on how they treat customers.

With an inbound call centre software it is easy to display the steps that agents’ take while coordinating with customer. It helps managers to keep an eye on the business functions and assure real-time response to the agent in case of any issue.

Without a software, it is hard to keep an eye on the business operations. Consequently, when the business does not pays emphasis on agent performance, boosting services becomes hard.

Having a software, managers can highlight shortcomings and bring a solution to the same easily. Here are more of its perks:

  • A software documents steps taken.
  • Gives the access of communication between agents and managers.
  • Allows managers to take calls in case an agent is unable to handle customer.
  • The software displays a timer that highlights the time an agent has been on call.
  • It makes it easy to supply scripts and responses.

Monitor customer conversations

Software like speech analytics help to analyze customer interactions and boost agent performance with the analysis. Getting the insight of customer needs, agents can uplift their performance automatically.

With a speech analytics software, you get a full-text transcript for each call. This further helps in achieving first call resolution for the agents.


Since the software gives an insight to the customers’ needs, the agent thus understands the callers’ insight to give them splendid response.

More on how an inbound call centre software can augment agent performance check below:

  • Reduce risk through analytics software at work.
  • Monitoring conversations, agents know the customers’ insight and offer services accordingly.
  • The software integrates with most CRMs to support agents in enhancing their performance.

Skill-based call routing

Routing calls on a first come first serve basis can defame the business image. Since the calls are not routed to experts in such a situation, it has great chance of dissatisfying the customer, which is why skill-based routing is vital.

This call routing to experts make it easy for the agent to handle issues, as the routing is based on expertise.  

The technology used is automatic call distribution (ACD) analyses incoming calls, keeps a check of issues resolved earlier, and tracks the callers’ information. These data helps to route an enquiry to the adequate agent resolving the threat of wrong routing and in-efficient agent performance. After all a customized way of call routing always enriches agents’ performance.

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