How much does an iOS or Android chat app cost to make?

Developing a mobile app is a basic need for businesses these days. A mobile app not only helps entrepreneurs to reach a wider audience but also helps in boosting sales and revenue. Social media chatting apps like WhatsApp have set an example of a productive chatting application.

Every individual is using this app to share images, videos and have seamless communication with each other. If you want to create a chatting app then below are the factors you must consider. Before you start developing an app you must set a  budget estimation as per your business requirements and limitations. 

So, lets us know the factors to determine the cost of developing a chatting application:


App appealing visuals are a key thing that attracts visitors. To make your app visually attractive you can add premium images, graphics, and color schemes. To make your app design attractive you need to invest accordingly. The more engaging visuals you will add more you will be required to pay. 

Support And Maintenance

To keep your app updated you need to invest in app maintenance to look after the below factors. 

  • Inventive and pair with rising innovation 
  • Reasonable and simple to utilize 
  • Accentuation on the item and its helpfulness 
  • Tastefully splendid 
  • Deliberate 
  • Strong and enduring 

Requirement of Features

Today, there are a lot of innovative technologies available in the market. Implementation of such innovative technologies adds advanced features to your app. If you want a basic feature sin loop then it will cost you less. Adding advanced features using tech innovations like AR/VR, ML, etc will cost you more. 

Cost of Hiring a Developer

To develop a technically sound mobile app you can hire an experienced mobile app developer. A professional app developer can help you to build a feature-filled mobile app with all the required features. You can hire app developers based on the various hiring models. Based on your project requirements you can hire a developer for a particular time and it will charge you for the time you will hire. 

Technologies Used

technology is unstoppable. every day is coming up with something new tech innovation. If you want to pay attention to the latest market trends and demand then choosing the latest technology is the right step. Choosing the most recent technology will help you to develop the advanced app and it will also impact you overall cost of mobile app development.

To develop a mobile app either for Android or iOS, it is hard to define a fixed cost of development. Because developing an app takes a lot of factors under consideration. You need to emphasize so many factors that influence your overall mobile app development cost.


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