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How much does it cost to build and maintain a website like eBay?

eBay is one of the prominent websites to buy and sell products. eBay was started in 1995 as an auction website.

eBay is one of the prominent websites to buy and sell products. eBay was started in 1995 as an auction website. Over time, it has evolved and transformed into an eCommerce website. It is an online platform for multiple vendors and sellers where they can buy and sell new and used products. The difference between eBay and other platforms is, it allows users to bid for the product which they want to purchase. Hence, the buyer who bid the highest gets the product.

If you are planning to build or invest in the development of a website like eBay then you must know the associated cost and you can also adept for web development services for building robust websites. There are certain factors on which the cost of building a website depends. The cost of website development like eBay depends upon the features, functionalities, geographic location of the development company, development stage of the website, etc. we are discussing features of an MVP that are must to add.

  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management
  • CSS/HTML development
  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • Business analysis

The above features are basic that are imperative in website development. If you want to add more additional features like payment gateways, social media app integration, etc then the cost will be increased accordingly.

The maintenance cost of your website depends upon the size, functionality, and complexity of your website. The cost also varies depending upon the skill set of the service provider, their background, pricing model, and so on.

Website maintenance cost also varies upon the type of website you have. For instance, a personal website will cost less than eCommerce website maintenance. Other than this, services that are involved in maintenance also change the maintenance cost. Costs that can be included in the maintenance costs are website hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, CMS, website analytics report, General website upkeep, tech support, eCommerce system maintenance.

These costs depend on the kind of business you are into. For instance, if you have an internal tech supporter already in your company then your tech support cost will be eliminated. Hence, reducing your overall website maintenance cost.

You must have gained information regarding the building and maintenance costs of websites like eBay, Moreover, you can read our blog to know How you can create an online marketplace like eBay that will also help you to know the estimate cost.

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