A white background plays a major role in these photos. Here are some of the white background product photography tips. Photos are so important for e-commerce websites for increasing sales. Learn how white background can increase sales and how to get a perfectly white background.

Product photography is vital in the selling of a product. It plays a major role in convincing the buyer whether or not to buy the product.

The photo is important because you as a seller won’t be there to convince the buyer to buy rather your photo does it for you.

They look at the photo even before proceeding to look at the product description. Ever wondered how those products look so good online how the photos were taken?

A white background plays a major role in these photos. Here are some of the white background product photography tips;


Importance of White background in product photography:

Like or not white background is very important for the marketplace, especially on Amazon. If you are already familiar with this situation you probably know that.

Some, it’s a pain. But if you see the outcome you will be motivated. About 38% of people do not revisit the eCommerce website do not have any or have bad quality product pictures.

There are many ways that you can achieve a white background, this is a step by step tips to acquire white background.   

What you`ll need;

  1. A lightbox - it’s a see-through white box. It allows light to go through it. One of the things it does is soften light to form minimal shadows of the object. If you don’t have one a white fabric put on cardboard can do the trick. Make sure it won't fall off.
  2. Camera - Get a camera that allows you to change the settings. They always work better.
  3. Clamp light - Get at least three clamp lights.
  4. A place -You definitely need a place to set this all up.
  5. 100-watt daylight light bulbs - One for each clamp light.
  6. A good photo editing app -  Set up this and take your photos to look like this

Tips on taking perfect product photos.

• use a solid white background.

This is to minimize distraction. You need your product to the center of attraction. This is vital. The editing is also made easier if there is no distraction. Allows the editor to focus on the product.

• Use of light

A white background without light has its own limitations. First, it appears grey and not white. If you don’t light it well enough the background will look grey. Having great light also minimizes then shadows. They are soft enough not to be seen on camera or captured on the image.

• Avoid overexposing the background

As much as we want it well exposed we do not want it overexposed. Too much light on the background overshadows your product. It almost makes it whitish making it disappear. Its original look is not well captured. You have to start with low light and add more light until you get the perfect background for taking your perfect photos. Always remember your product is your focus. Everything around should make it look exceptional especially the background.

• Using a flash on the background

In case you are using the cardboard technique, you can put a flash behind your object. This helps when taking photos the flash brightens the background making it look white.

White backgrounds are the most preferred by editors. This is because they are easy to photoshop compared to other backgrounds.

Product photography using a white background makes the image exceptional and the only subject to focus on the image. It also looks classic.

In other cases, you can use photoshop to put a white background against your object. You might want to place your image on the white background to make it look better, here is how to make a perfect background;

Using the pen tool-

This is basically involves clipping using the pen tool. It is effective but can slow you down in case you have a huge workload. When using this method you just trace around your image then cut it out and place it on a white layer. That’s it.
This method is not efficient if the product is blurry.


In this method, you use the adjustment brush. It is a popular one and it’s easy.

This involves selecting the brush and then showing the adjustment panel in your develop box on the right. After that, you can now raise the exposure to make your background white.

Clipping Path Services

This is the paid option that you can go for. But the maximum service provider is reasonable. E-commerce Clipping Path Service Provider is providing background removing, adding white background and photo retouching services as a combo package.
Final Words: 

If you are a commercial photographer you will eventually get a client who will request a white background against their products. The using of a white background has no room for mistakes. Your images products have to look sharp and outstanding.


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