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Happy Holidays Vape Fam! We hope most are safe and enduring the circumstance of the Pandemic and everything that comes along side it! 

Back at you's today with a review on the Yooz vape device and pods. you'll be wanting to concentrate to the present one for the potential gift to your smoker relations and friends. 

Yooz rise in popularity has come at an excellent time given the fallout from another vape industry giant's exit from the Canadian Vape Market. Real simple; "The Yooz vape was designed with smokers in mind." Infact the team at Yooz mentions team members comprising of minds that came from companies like Apple, Tesla, Huawei, Dell, Uber and more. 


Yooz may be a 350mAh vape pod system, each vape pod holds 2ml of e-juice. Charge time is 30min for twenty-four hours of vaping (approx 250 puffs.) Dimensions are a whopping 10.8 x 2.1 x 1.15 cm. Very discreet unit for the smokers who are vape shy.. At first. There’s no excuse here to urge Yoozin when the started pack comes with the vape device and a couple of complimentary pods. Replacement pods are available standard packs of two . 

Finally, an entry level vape product that explicitly targets almost exclusively the smoker population, a definitive vape device to assist you turn from Tobacco Tom, to Vape fam vitality! Yooz doesn't boast any turn of the vape industry technology, no gimmicks. Rather, Yooz placed their efforts on "satisfaction to satisfy the standards of smokers looking to modify from smoking cigarettes."

The Yooz vape device truly was designed as an alternate to smoking cigarettes. Taking into consideration of size, simple use and even the amount of flavors, Yooz oozes sophisticated simplicity to anyone who has considered the switch to vaping but only too soon became overwhelmed with the infinite options and customizations the Vape World has got to offer. 

This petite, sleek device has no buttons, simply insert your pod of choice and vape away! the whole device looks seamless, and minimalist design for a Vape device during a market of the many , many, MANY options.

Yooz’ vape device opted to use nic salts against free base nictonie with intent to deliver an equivalent sensation as smoking a cigarette. From the throat hit (the sensation of inhaling smoke/vapor containing nicotine" to nic strength. Yooz mentions on their website that their flavors "consist of both present and artificial flavor ingredients which give the precise taste profile for every flavor." Yooz vape pods are available in two nic strengths either 3% for a light smoker turned vaper or 5% for the more frequent smoker turned vaper. the perfect is to satisfy a vaper’s fix for nicotine regardless of the specified cessation. Which we here at Vape Station have had the respect of being a neighborhood of. there's nothing just like the feeling of fixing a smoker with a vape device and see them come for more juice or a better grade vape device. The reward of building our Vape Fam and converting smokers is second to none. Yooz shares an equivalent ambition! 

To touch a touch further on flavor, Yooz vape has some dynamic and straightforward single note Ejuice Canada flavors. From Classic Tobacco, to tea , to ice , Yooz vape has at very least one flavor to entice the smoker to ty their lungs at vaping and every one the positive lifestyle improvements that comes along side the Vape life. Yooz offers an excellent amount of flavor E-juice profiles, to stay our new vapors satisfied and therefore the curiosity to undertake more. I regretfully haven't heard of a mung until Yooz came out with the E-juice flavor. Now I’m about able to continue a mung diet all 2021. If you’re curios as i used to be about the E-juice flavor selection, take a couple of minutes to see out their website to realize some more insight to flavors of Yooz E-juice. 

All in all, Yooz Vape Devices are an excellent introduction into the planet of vaping. Their mission is to vary lives and that we here at Vape Station support the vision as we share an equivalent goal! With the New Year right round the corner why not proposition the smokers in your life? Yooz is cost effective, simple and of quality E-juice. That overwhelming feeling of trying to vary your life is alleviated with this vape system. With many choices of flavored E-juice, smokers are sure to “embark on the journey.” 


With Toronto and therefore the GTA under lockdown thanks to the Covid pandemic, we've many options to urge your Vape devices and E-juices to you. Call ahead or order online for curbside pickup. Not within the GTA or Ontario? Fear not Vape fam! we've you covered with free shipping Canada wide for orders over 50.00. Get all the smokers Yoozin in 2021, a lesson from 2020: Our health is everything! 

Have an excellent and safe holiday,

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